Happy Thanksgiving!

I can see, in my mind, the Pilgrims and the Indians sitting down to their first Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, how thankful they were to God! They had gone through a horrible winter and many had died. In the spring they planted the crops as taught by the Indians. This was their turning point and the Indians were invited to the bounty!

Are we as thankful as they? As Christians, we have much to be thankful for, but I have managed to pick out one to write about this week. We are free, free indeed. God loves everyone. He loved us so much He sent His son to come down as a baby. God must have loved us to do that. That baby, Jesus, grew up humbly, a human being but without sin. He was murdered, killed for all our sins. Then, he rose again to show us we can have eternal life. Isn’t that worth thanking him for this Thanksgiving day?

However, for those of you who somehow have taken God out of your lives, do you remember what I wrote above? God loves everyone, even you. So, maybe you will take Him back into your life this Thanksgiving Day. You will find you are free and you will be thankful to a very loving Father.

I wish all of you a very thankful Thanksgiving Day. I will be at my daughter’s home with all my children and grandchildren except my son and his family in New Mexico who have much to be thankful for. It has been a tough 2017 for them. I have written about that past blogs. He just this week was fitted with an artificial leg! Halleujah!


Ordinary People

Moses was an ordinary person. We are inclined to think of him as sort of a super man but that isn’t true at all. He loved God with all his heart, but he sinned just like the rest of us. He once told a lie. He said his wife was his sister, but he also was obedient when God told him to sacrifice his only son on an altar in the mountain. God stopped him and supplied a ram to be sacrificed instead of his son. He trusted God.

As we read that story in our Bibles it’s easy to think,”Oh sure, it was easy for him, but that doesn’t mean I should have the same kind of faith!” Yes we can. God chooses people who are ordinary just like Moses to do extra ordinary things. Maybe he is calling you today to visit someone who is lonely or ill. If you believe God and follow Jesus, you may be asked to do many extra ordinary things.

Just sit down in your easy chair and wait quietly. Something will come to you, something you have forgotten to do, or something you should do. That is God! It’s time for you to get about doing what you know you should do.

We all miss the mark sometimes, even Moses did. Isn’t it wonderful God will forgive us ordinary people?

Does God Make The Leaves Fall?

The leaves are falling all over at my place. You can’t tell where the walks or driveway are! And we wonder. Does God make the leaves fall?

We ask a tree scientist. He goes on with a lot of mumbo jumbo, about cells, roots, and transubsansiation, or something like that! He goes on for quite awhile, but we don’t understand most of it. I wonder if he knows.

The tree seems to know. The pretty colored leaves fall at the same time every year. Who colors them? I suppose the scientist would say something I wouldn’t understand about that either. But they are colored and I love it! I especially love it when I walk through them, making a swishing sound!

The tree seems to know when to start making buds where the leaves fell, and when the leaves grow so pretty and green in the springtime. The scientist would have an answer about that too, but if we kept on asking “WHY” they wouldn’t really have an answer. BUT I DO.

God knows when the buds should form, He knows when the green leaves should show up and he paints them so many colors of red, orange and yellow. Then He makes them fall in order to make room for the buds. Isn’t God wonderful though? Just think about it for awhile. The answer could only be God!


Peace, What Is It?

There is so many references to peace in the Bible. Peace must be very important to God, don’t you think? What does He mean? There is the peace treaty that leaders of countries sign when they agree not to kill each other any more. I don’t think that is it. God is thinking His kind of peace is much more than that.

There is also the kind of peace when a neighbor agrees with another neighbor that they will get along better with each other. Or, when a republican agrees with a democrat that they will agree not to agree.

There are so many ideas concerning peace. We all know the feeling of peace that comes over us when all seems well, when we are outdoors and gaze at the moon, or the sky, trees and grass, all of which God has made. That’s a good kind of peace, isn’t it?

However, I believe peace is much more than that. A class of artists was asked to paint a picture depicting peace. One artist painted a storm. Wind and rain were coming down hard, but a bird was in her nest, her feathers were covering her little ones. When asked why she painted a picture like that, she said, “The baby birds knew that the mother bird would take care of them, and the mother bird knew that God would watch over them. They felt peace,

When we trust God with everything, weather, money, home and family, illness or whatever, we will know what peace is. God will take care of anything His way. He knows the way and if we trust Him with our hearts and souls, He will listen to our pleas  but do what is right for each of us. Sometimes it doesn’t seem right but we will keep our peace if we trust in God enough to know that He knows what is best for us. And that peaceful feeling is so, so good!












I can’t write anything today. My son is right down in bed. His sciatica is in his  back and legs. I am trying to nurse him, which doesn’t work too well because of my age and my back and knee. I hope you are all well and happy!

It’s Halloween Time Already!

When I was a little tyke I thought the day was great!  In school we made lots of jack-o-lanterns out of the pumpkins a farmer or two brought a day or so before, and we made ghosts and goblins out of construction paper. In the evening,we had a party with games and doing what I liked the best, bobbing for apples. I still believe Halloween is really for kids, except for the teenage boys who tipped over the backhouses! People say,”The boys didn’t really do that, did they? Oh boy, I’ll say they did! In our little town you could see fathers out trying to make right, the wrongs the boys did on Halloween night.

Halloween has changed though, and I’m not at all sure the change was good. I am not sure when “trick or treat” began, but I joined in with the other mothers, making outfits out of old clothes and then letting them go out and get candy which was not at all good for the teeth! That custom seems to be going away though. It just isn’t safe for children to be running around after dark these days!

What I’m really upset about is the cost. Little kids aren’t satisfied unless they can get a new outfit every year! And the merchants are anxious to help them. The kids shop right along with the adults, who are looking to find the right thing to wear to the grown up parties held on Halloween night. And grown up parties are taking the place of the simple things children used to do.

Maybe we should be remembering that October 30th is the day Martin Luther posted the 98th thesis on the door of the Church 500 years ago. Everything has changed since then. The Catholics have changed much of their former doctrine and the whole Evangelical movement has grown up to believe the way God intended, Faith, not works, should be the norm for all of us. Wouldn’t that be a holiday? It wouldn’t cost very much either, the change would be on the inside rather than our outside costumes. Happy Martin Luther Day, everyone!


Let Praise Begin!

I  was thinking the other day about how sick the world is. Everywhere we look we see tornados, hurricanes, volcanos or multi murders. How can we be anything but downhearted? People, even children, walk around wearing scowls instead of smiles. When will this end? we ask. Will the world always look like this?

I am sure that the world wasn’t any better for the brand new Christians, trying to tell others about Jesus. I can hear them now, telling them Jesus was the one promised many times in the Bible. He was born, killed really by us, and rose from the dead and now lives with God in Heaven. Folks just didn’t believe it! They threw the well being Christians into prisons, which were nothing more than dirty caves. But the church still grew!

Paul and Silas were two who were thrown into prison and beaten for their belief in Jesus. But even when things were bad, they sang and shouted praises from their cold and damp prison cell. As they sang the prison doors were opened but they, and the prisoners who were listening to them, didn’t leave. Many became new Christians that day. That story can be found beginning in Acts 16-16 of the New Testament.Praise1

We need more singing and praising in the world today. We do know that God is in charge. But we don’t know or understand why. I am sure that Paul and Silas didn’t understand why their world was so bad either. I think if more of us would praise God for everything He gives us and let Him do what He intends to do. We may have to go through hard times before we see the light, but singing and praising will make us feel better in the meantime! Let’s start today!