Our country Is Changing, Isn’t it?

Our PresidentThis morning, I was looking through my E-mails and I noticed nearly all of them came from The Blaze and I wondered how to get them stopped. I had paid him $10 each month for quite awhile and I had stopped that when he was making all kinds of slams at Donald Trump. I didn’t think it was fair for him to berate him for things he had done 20 or so years ago. I knew him only because he had earned his way into riches. Anyhow. I wanted the E-mails stopped.

All of a sudden there were 17 men and one woman, on the Republican side, who wanted to be president and I was thinking Cruz was the man. I didn’t know why Mr. Trump’s name was even on the list, but I watched the sometimes crazy things he said. I was surprised when he won. He was now candidate Trump. Now I was certain the Democrats would win.

But people were praying, including me, that someone would come and turned our country around.  I believe some of the Democrats were praying too. I began to think God was involved somehow. Then, I was reading in the Old Testament of the Bible about King Cyrus, King of Babylon. Now, why was he interested in rebuilding the Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem? However, in the first year of his reign, he issued a decree to rebuild the house of God. He even removed from the temple of Babylon the gold and silver articles they had taken from the temple at Jerusalem, and took them back to the house of God! He even said all costs will be paid by the royal treasury of Babylon. That meant that the Jewish men, who worked at the temple, would be paid by the Babylonian Government!

If God was so interested in that venture, why wouldn’t He be interested in us?  Certainly, king Cyrus was not a really good man. Our forefathers had their own personal problems too, but they started our country in a God-centered way. I began looking at candidate Trump in that way also.

I was not at all surprised that President Trump became our president. He fit into my thoughts just the way I figured. He was put in place by God to shake up our country and this he has done and will continue doing even though he says some crazy things. It seemed impossible, but he put in quite a few Christians into his cabinet and he has been listening to them. Shouldn’t we? We prayed for someone to come and straighten out our American way from the way we were heading, and I believe our prayers are being answered. Do you? Maybe it’s time we change saying, “I hate Trump!”, to supporting him.


Why Do They Cry?

momandbabyYoung People today have everything, even things they didn’t ask for. I wrote on a tablet too, but it was one with a cover and many empty pages I must fill by myself. And there were consequences when I did something wrong, none of this “You’re grounded” stuff. Instead, we were “taken to the woodshed”. And, do you know what was funny? We knew we were loved!

A generation passed, but do you know what happened? I remember still spanking my children, but it was far less. We knew what a penny was and if one was found somehow, our children at least put it in their pocket! We parents remembered the great depression and lived by it. My children didn’t even receive an allowance. They were told that all our money belonged to the family and when one member had a wonderful opportunity, we all gave the money needed for that one child.

Another generation passed and young people just didn’t know what happened! All of a sudden Hi-Tech was upon them and their minds weren’t ready for that. They were thrust into a world where they had to know all the tricks like cell phones, computers, tablets, (not one like I had) and talk to one another only by the social media. Their minds did not have the chance to grow!

The new world was thrust upon parents too and they gave everything to their child except love. Oh, they loved them to be sure, but they were too busy with their own Hi-Tech stuff to show it, so they gave their children more and more stuff! And the children cried out for love.

What can I do about it? I can pray, yes I can. I have heard many people say, “All there is left to do is pray,”. That is the first thing and a daily thing to do. Don’t you know that putting everything into the loving hands of the Father is the best thing to do? And if more of us prayed things would change. Our children would have the love they so desperately need.
















Spring Break!

000maryIt’s Spring Break time, here in our town, and I suppose many of our young ladies and men are going off to one beach or another. I also suppose many parents are worrying as they watch their television sets showing what is going on. It certainly doesn’t make them worry less.

Do you remember when Spring Break was called Easter Vacation? It was  always held on Easter week by our schools so that Holy Thursday and Good Friday could also be remembered. Times were different then, weren’t they?

This week, my grand daughter is celebrating Spring Break in Italy. She flew there with many other young artists around the state. They, together with their teachers , will visit many of the well known art pieces such as the Sistine Chapel and the art at the Vatican. What a wonderful vacation!

That is the way to celebrate Spring Break. I wish, no I pray, that times will change and young people will find better ways to celebrate. The opportunity to go to Paris probably won’t come to them, but they will certainly find good, healthy ways to celebrate Spring Break.


Praise1Who put the pretty pink flowers on that tree? And who put the pretty white flowers on that other tree? They looked like fluffy clouds and I wanted to pick just one blossom from each tree. I did, and they were even more beautiful. The pink one had yellow and shades of blue in it and the white one had yellow with little black pebbles around it. As I continued to look, I saw the blue of the sky and the green of the grass which made a gigantic beautiful bouquet, just for me! But who gave it to me?

Later, I looked again. I saw the pretty blossoms crushed and on the ground. the trees didn’t look very good, but as I looked closer I saw each branch looked pregnant with little, swollen buds where the flowers had been. But, who did that?

As I walked past, not even looking at the trees. As a car past by me I turned around and saw the trees were pretty again! The branches wore many beautiful shades of green leaves. the trees looked just like they were waiting for someone to lie under them to rest and get out of the hot rays of the sun. Again, who did that?

I was busy and didn’t go near the trees for quite some time. When I did, I was shocked! The trees were beautiful. The leaves were colored by someone who could paint much better than the best artist around. The leaves were mostly shades of yellow but had shades of brown and bronze too! But who did that?

Soon, the trees were bare again. The rusty looking leaves were on the ground. The trees were taking a long rest. But I have a feeling, the trees will again carry pink and white flowers on each branch and I know who did all those things, the pretty blossoms, the green leaves and the colored leaves of fall. Do you know? It was God. Have you thanked Him lately for all He has done for you?

The Church Was Born!

Yes, the child was born in a barn, the star shone brightly, angels sang and the poor (shepherds) and rich (wisemen) came to worship him, but it took a lot of living before the church was really born. The baby grew up and except when his age was twelve, and he talked with the teachers in the temple, we know nothing about him. However, he grew up to the age of thirty and for three years he walked around the country, speaking to many who followed him and healing those who were sick.

I don’t think the church was even born when he was tortured and died hanging on that cross because many who followed him still yelled, “crucify him” on that horrible day. They didn’t believe that he rose from the dead either, but those twelve men, his mother and a few friends did. Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem until the promise of God will be confirmed. The Holy Spirit came on the tenth day of their wait. Tongues of fire were on their heads and they spoke in different languages than they knew. People were there from different countries attending the Passover and when they heard their own language being spoken by those few people, they were surprised and 3000 joined those twelve men and their friends. Of course, they each went home and told their story.

The Church was born that day. When that rough fisherman, Peter, preached that first sermon many believed that Jesus had died for all of their sins and rose again to live with his Father, God. But those 12 men could have avoided all the torture and imprisonments they endured if they had just said “No” instead of traveling all over the globe by feet and being tortured for it!  The church grew though and here we are today.

Are we able to take persecution? We didn’t, you know, when the world said prayer and all reference to God should be taken away, even though our country was formed on Christian beliefs. We even followed the world saying,”Happy Holidays” instead of  “Merry Christmas”. Shouldn’t we be stronger than that? Shouldn’t we join together in one large body. Why, we would be larger and stronger than the other side! Our America would be back and I think there are twelve Christian men who would do what those men, so long ago, did. However, each of us could do something if we believe that Jesus died to take our sins away and He rose to be with his Father so that we too can be with the Father.









My Dog SonnyMy dog, Sonny, left this life on Thursday. It was a hard thing to do. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I would have to put him down, but I hated to do it. He was with me nearly 16 years! I don’t know if my years have something to do with my mourning, I am 91 years old, but I really miss him terribly. He stayed by my side all the time, especially when I was ill.

One day, my husband took him out for a walk. He slipped on the wet pavement and fell just behind a car that was backing out of a driveway. Sonny ran, his leash dragging behind him, to the front of the car. He was barking all the time. The driver of the car stopped and got out of the car and helped my husband out from under the car and took him and Sonny home. I guess that shows what a caring dog Sonny was. Yesterday, I got a card from the folks at the Hazel Dell Animal Hospital. the verse they sent meant a lot to me so I thought it might help those of you who have lost a dog, so, here it is:

They will not go quietly, the pets who’ve shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.

Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door

Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill,

That one place in our hearts belong to Sonny…..and always will.


A beautiful Site

I woke up on Monday morning to a beautiful scene. As I pulled open my drapes and looked outside, I saw that it had snowed just a little. It looked like God had put a white frosting  on each evergreen branch. Now, I live in the woods where there are lots of evergreen trees and know that when it snows, which isn’t very often in our part of the country, the branches are heavy with snow. Some of them fall, broken from their weight. It is still beautiful, but not like this time. The branches looked delicate and not turned down at all!

When I went into the kitchen, I looked out the window which had trees that had dropped it’s leaves in the fall, and God had frosted each bare branch, with white frosting, all the way around. The trees never looked so beautiful! I wish everybody could have had the opportunity I had on Monday morning.

And then I thought, “I must look like that to God, because He says in the Bible that when we repent if our sins and turn to Him, our sins, which were dark, became white as snow,” So, we have God’s white frosting all over us!

We can all have that you know. All it takes is to know that Jesus died for your sins, turn away from them and follow His leading, and your sins, which are dark, will take your sins and make them white as snow. Isn’t that a good idea?