How Can God Love America?

God was patient with Judah in the Old Testament days, but He reminded them that they must return to the laws He had set down or surely they would lose their country. They had worshipped Baal and other false gods, built shrines all over the country, worshipped by holding sex crimes, killing their first born child by throwing the child in a sacrificial fire, killing the child to a false god. They certainly lived indecent lives.

One day, the high priest, Hilkiah, found a book that held all the commands God had made for his children. He took the book to the King, Josiah, who had just been made king over Judah. He was very upset at the way they had lived and wanted everyone to hear the book read to them. So he called a meeting of all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem. Before God, he committed all of them to the Covenant: to follow God believingly and obediently; to follow God’s instructions,heart and soul. King Josiah had every shrine to a false God torn down and he killed every priest of those shrines. He was the first good king the country had for several decades.

After Josiah died, the new king was named. He was King Jehoiakim, a wicked man. Judah went back to what it was before King Josiah had made all those changes. And God was true to his word. When the people went back to their wicked lives, God exiled all the people to Babylon!

What about America? People have started religions such as the satanists, those who worship at the stars in the sky, those who worship money and a high place in business and many other things. Even we who are poorer want to be better off than our neighbor. We certainly aren’t much better than the people of Judah. It is estimated that thousands of babies were thrown into a sacrificial fire, but we have killed over 50 million babies through abortion! And, we surely don’t live as God wants us to live.

The Christian Religion is not based on any person here on earth. We base our religion on God’s Word, the Bible. Many churches are changing His word by saying there are many roads to Heaven, but Jesus, the Son of God says “I am the way, the truth and the life.” John 14: 6. There just isn’t any other way to God!

Each one of us must take a look at ourselves. Will God exile us? He will if He wants to! We talk about God judging us now that we have these hurricanes entering our land, but we must remember there is another mad man living very comfortably already in our land. He is satan, or the devil. And let’s take a look at the ten rules he has made, the ten commandments. Some people want to take them down too along with the statues of many of our heros. Oh, America must change!




How you can make Peace

When I was about ten years old, I had an enemy. I didn’t know why she was my enemy, but she was.  She made fun of my clothes. My clothes were generally my aunt’s dresses which my mother made over for me. I knew they weren’t as nice as the other girl’s dresses but a preacher’s daughter couldn’t have new clothes in those days. Some pastors today are the richest people in town. I don’t understand that either.

This girl, her name was Donna, would try to destroy any papers that I was working on by marking them with a big black X, and I would have to do  the paper over again before it could be handed in. She tried to get the other girls against me, but, for the most part, I guess they knew her too. I always got better grades and I thought maybe that was why Donna was my enemy, but she didn’t care that much about grades so I was pretty sure that was not it.

In Sunday School one Sunday, I read: “If thine enemy hungers, feed him; if he thirsts, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head”. (Romans 12-20KJ) I didn’t want heaps of coals of fire heaped on her head but I got from that verse I should be kind to her even though she was not kind to me. But how could I do that? I wondered. I realized then that I was always shooting words back at anything she said!  I was as bad as she!

If I respond to her in anger, we will never have peace between us. However. if I continue to treat her with kindness and pray for her, I will find that peace will prevail. I was not a bit sure it would work like the Bible verse said, but I decided to give it a whirl anyhow. I started praying for her, Praying that she would be happy and find that friend that I had, Jesus. I treated her well too, doing little things for her and not answering when she said something nasty to me. One day she asked me if she could go with me to Sunday School! I, of course said yes.

We started going to Sunday School together regularly and she finally gave her life to Jesus. She even gave me two dresses that didn’t fit her anymore. I found that I was no longer only making  peace between us, but I was making a friend. Donna and I friends? Yes, we were truly that and much more. Why don’t you give that a try if you have a person who does mean things to you. It works! and it should,  because it came from God’s Holy Word. And His word is true!

Make The World Go Away

Some of you younger readers probably won’t remember that song: “Make The  World Go Away”, but it sure fits our world today! Last night, around midnight, My son came into my bedroom to say, “You should get up and see this, the yard is covered with ash.” Right away, I thought Mt. St. Helens was erupting again. ( I live close to Mt. St. Helens)  But that wasn’t the case. The ash is from  one of the forest fires in the Cascades. 1600 firefighters  are trying desperately to contain them, but so far they have not had much success. Anyhow, we were told to close up our houses and stay indoors. I have noticed it is harder to breathe here today.

Then, I noticed on television that little guy over in North Korea has now tested a big, dangerous bomb. He seems to want a war with the USA. I guess that’s one of the options on our table. And we’ll still have to find plenty of money to bring Huston and Louisiana back to normal again, but now, we look at Erma, which is getting larger and heading straight for Miami. We need to pray!

There still is Isses, anxious to kill people, I can’t imagine why. And there are other Muslim extremists wanting to do the same. Lately, I’ve been hearing about a new group of people, and I use the word, people, carefully, but most of them are Americans who, I guess, want to hurt other Americans! Isn’t that something?

It sounds like the end times we will face one time or another, but it will bring on the return of Jesus, and that is good. But not really, because Jesus told us that the field is ripe unto harvest and that is for sure! There are many around us who either want to kill others and there are many who are living their own lives and don’t care about Jesus. There are still many who haven’t even heard about him. So, It is up to us to bring in the harvest, Huh, readers?

God Is In Control

God is in control, we know that, however,  we can’t help but ask the question “Why?” Why is the area in or  near the city of Austin, Texas practically under water? Why did folks just like us have to leave everything behind and climb into boats, with only the clothes they had on? They had no idea where they were going, where could they eat and where they would sleep tonight.  How would you like to be in their shoes? I saw people climbing into boats without even shoes! Yet, God is in control!

In nearly every speech he has made, President Trump has said we are all Americans and we should come together as one. And most of us have done that. We are all praying for those people and for the rains to stop. Many of us have gone to Texas to do whatever we can. The rest of us are giving money to those we know will help where help is needed. But we still ask “Why?”

President Trump and all his men and women are trying to make America peaceful. But we still see riots breaking here and there. The last one happened in California just when most of us had our prayers geared on the poor folks in Texas. How could they riot at a time like that? I think God had Harvey on his mind.

God knows that it will take more than President Trump’s administration to bring us to our senses. It says in Romans 8: 28 in the Bible: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” So, He allowed this terrible thing to happen because it is so hard for us to become one as President Trump asks. Will we listen and learn what is told to us? We still have our own beliefs, personalities and obligations but we should be all Americans, loving each other in peace.

Will it take a much worse happening to wake us up? I, for one,will wait to see the good that comes from Harvey. I hope and pray that I will wake up! Will you do the same?

Prayer Is The Key To Heaven

A song I learned years ago has been on my mind lately. I have been thinking about it at the time of the Charlotte event where all sides seemed to be fighting each other. I believe the only side not represented was the conservative Christian side. At least, I hope we were not anywhere around! However, I am going to write the words of that song and hope that the words will mean as much to you as it does to me:

Prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door.

Words are so easily spoken,

But prayer without faith is like a boat without an ore.

Have faith when you speak to the Master,

That’s all He’s waiting for.

Yes, prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door.

Prayer can open the gates of heaven and God can make America as it used to be. I’m from early in the 20th century and remember our country as it was.  Stores were closed on Sunday. It truly was a day of rest. Churches were full of people. Sometimes, congregations would make a whole day of it with a potluck at noon, games played in the afternoon, followed by the evening meal with whatever was left from the potluck, and the day always closed with a time of prayer and a sing along. Schools opened in the morning with prayer and Christmas carols and stories of Mary, Joseph and the baby were welcome, as were the saying of “Merry Christmas” to each other at Christmas time.

Oh, there were those folks who didn’t live that wonderful way, but they were in the minority. Our group had the majority in those days, and there are many who would never want to return to the hardships of that day, but there is no need for that! We can pray. Pray that the group that wants to kill President Trump or at least take him out of office won’t win. And, pray with faith that God will do something to put all Americans on the same page again.

We are still in the majority, although we haven’t been as vocal as the other side. Let’s stand up for what we believe and kneel down to pray for our country. Remember. President Trump has members of the clergy with him any time he asks for them. And they pray, so why can’t you?






It’s your choice

The day Charlottesville will end up in our history books in infamy. Not only was a part of our history taken down as we watched the statue destroyed, but Americans from many groups took up whatever they believed in and decided to fight. I imagine people were fighting members of their own group part of the time. I don’t know how they could tell who they were clubbing! While they flatter themselves that they are following the dictates of their own judgement, they are really obeying the will of the prince of darkness, or satan.

There is only two choices, that of good or that of evil. John 8:32 says: “Truth shall make you free”. You can follow good and truth without Jesus but I follow Him and that makes the doctrine of good and evil easier to follow, because He is truth and He is good!

Our souls often wants those things they cannot have. Yet once your soul drinks of God, there is an endless supply of Him to satisfy you. Those people at Charlottesville must have been fighting for something that is out of reach. Instead of the turmoil of running after fruitless earthly things, our souls can find rest and peace just by filling it  with the peace of God’s spirit.

I realize I am talking to those people who were fighting in Charlottesville but we too are often striving after something we cannot afford. If you thirst today, drink deeply from the limitless stream of living water that will satisfy your striving. In other words, follow Jesus. We need Him today, more than ever! We see North Korea sharpening their swords at us, and we see thousands of people fighting for who knows what. Everyone is on edge. What better time is there to drink of God’s fountain than today. You will find peace and rest  instead of restless fighting.



If Everyone Could Hear

A friend once said to me:” If you could hear all the words that are inside me right now, you would know how I feel.” Yes, I guess I would know some of those words, but not all, because if we shouted out every word that was inside us, we would never be close to finishing before we were exhausted.

All the words of hope and dreams of love and sorrow are inside us, along with our frustrations. They are too profound and full of emotion to be put out of our hearts and out in the open. But God is listening and hears every word in your heart.

Romans 8:26 tells us that we do not know what to pray for , but the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. God hears every word that we leave unspoken, and I, for one, am glad that he does. He brings comfort and love when I need it, along with some feelings of guilt which I also need.

Some of the words are best to leave unsaid. The harsh words of “why?” stay with me about my two sons who died when there were other babies who lived, is one. I brought it up the other day to my son. He said it was better to leave that unsaid because it was so long ago. Yes, it was long ago, but the words still stay in my heart and I am glad that God still hears them. He brings me comforting love. I still have the “whys”, but I also know that God hears my heart.

I hope that many words left unspoken are bringing you comfort and love from our almighty God who always hears what is in your heart and will bring you comfort and love, if you let Him.

I hope that the words I have written, will help someone who needs that comforting words of love from God who knows and hears everything.