There Is Some Truth Here

A week ago Sunday, I slipped on the driveway but didn’t fall. We have all heard stories about older people and their falls. This time, however, I only slipped and I was quite proud of the fact I didn’t fall. I found out one fact though. You can hurt yourself slipping just as much as if you had fallen. I have been having back and leg problems ever since.

I am reminded of the hymn “It Is No Secret”, by Stuart Hamblen in which are the words: “Someone slipped and fell, was that someone you?” That started Gramma thinking! We can both slip and fall in our spiritual lives as easy as on the driveway!

We slip when we decide not to attend church today, or if we dont read God’s word as we should or if we don’t pray except in an emergency. The devil sure likes it when we slip around that way. And he likes it even better when we fall into sin. I don’t believe that criminal sitting in jail started out being bad. He was that curly headed baby lying in his crib and later, running off to the school bus, waving “Bye Mom and Dad!” No, he slipped by following the wrong crowd one day. That led to his fall.

There is plenty of things in this old world today that makes us decide, “Once won’t hurt!” But that’s slipping and slipping leads to falling. Let’s all try to keep from slipping, shall we?


God is With Us

I was reading in Matthew, the 8th chapter (asv) this morning and something jumped out at me. I believe Jesus told many of his healings to us because we can’t see Him. He is always with us, but we can’t see a man walking along the road or actually talking to us from a mountain top. The centurion saw Him with a lot of other people walking along the road, but He came up to him and said, “Lord, my servant is lying paralyzed at home. He is suffering and in great pain.”

There were many people following him, but He still stopped and listened to the man and He said He would come to his home and heal him.The man said he wasn’t worthy enough for Jesus to come to his home, but if he gave the word, his servant would be healed. Jesus told him to go on home, his servant was healed and at that very hour.

Now we pray, and we pray for someone to be healed.or for better finances,or for our country and many other things and we don’t see Jesus standing there beside us. However, Jesus said the centurion had great faith and He went on, saying, “Many shall come from east and west, and recline at the table with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.” That’s us! if we have faith like that of the centurion. He believed the words of Jesus and we can pray and know that our prayers will be answered. Some will be answered quickly, others we have to wait for and still others He will say no.

If we are praying for something we must have faith. What’s the use of praying if we don’t believe Jesus will answer us? We must know that Jesus cares for all of us, even those who don’t care about Him. He died for the whole world, but only those who love Him back and have faith can really belong to Him.

Faith is something you believe. If you sit down on a chair, you believe it will hold you, and if you put something in your mouth, you believe you won’t die from it and even if you get in to drive your car, you have faith enough to believe you will get to your destination safely. Have faith that Jesus cares for you and will answer your prayers.

Those Resolutioms!

Have you broken your resolutions yet? It’s only the 2nd of January as I write this, so I imagine you are up to date. Statistics tell us they are usually broken by the end of January. I figure that statistics or poles can’t possibly be right because I haven’t been called on either, have you? I think the best resolution you can make is the one you make shortly after you wake up in the morning: I will be a better person today than I was yesterday.

Many of us buy a Bible. Statistics tell us the Bible has been to biggest seller of books in the world for many years. Even though I don’t believe in statistics, I know folks do buy the Bible, however many of us do not read it. They put it in the shelf or on the coffee table and there it sits. Why? they must know the Bible is God’s letter to all people and that includes you. It isn’t hard to understand either if you just remember the Old Testament was written many years ago and often tells us that a Savior would one day be born and He would die a terrible death. The people living in Old Testament days believed He would be a king and not the humble servant we read about in the New Testament.

Jesus was born in a cave and placed in a manger. You know that, but to follow his life all the way through until his awful death and his wonderful resurrection is really exciting, much better than the books of today! So why not make this resolution: I will begin to read the Bible, not that I’ll do it every day, because you might miss it once in awhile but I will read the Bible. And, if you like early history, you will enjoy the Old Testament too. In it you will learn many truths and promises that God wants you to find.

I pray you will find what God wants you to find when you read His wonderful words written just for you.

What Are You Looking For?

The house looks great, inside and out. The cookies are all baked and ready to go. The shopping is finally done and even the presents are wrapped. The Christmas cards have all been sent except that one I received today. How did I happen to miss her? Yes, it looks like I’m all ready for Christmas. Are you?

Do you look for that one last thing? Or Maybe that it would snow for Christmas! Just a little bit, so everyone can still get around. Yes, that would make it a real Christmas!

Maybe it would be good to go to church, they always have it decorated so nice. However, the decorations you worked so hard for, the beautifully frosted cookies are all in the tummies of those you gave them to. The shopping is done, the gifts have been given and yet you are still looking.

Could it be that you are looking for that baby whose birthday we are celebrating? Is there an empty spot in your heart? I am so sorry that Christmas has become just a holiday for so many folks. It is a time we put up decorations, bake those cookies and shop for those gifts. AlL in celebration of a baby who was born in a barn. Who Was raised in Nazareth, and died a horrible death for every one of us. Even the worst criminal you can think of. Our past, present, and future sins are gone. All we have to do is accept that baby into our hearts.  He is our Savior, the Son of God, and, we must confess that we are so unworthy to accept such a great gift. That is why so many of us are looking for that empty spot in our hearts to be filled. Is that you? fill it up today!

Words, Words, Words!

They tell us (and I don’t know who “they” are) that every word, song, or anything else you can think of goes up into the clouds! There must be a lot of junk flying around up in the clouds. The Bible tells us especially in Proverbs and James that our tongues are like fire, but we control the words. Proverbs says words satisfies the mind as much as fruit does the stomach. (The Bible in today’s language) The Bible also tells us that words kill. They are either poison or fruit. You choose.

Have you noticed the good feeling you get when you know you’ve helped someone just by talking to them? You can tell by the smile on their faces. I’ll bet you smiled all the way home!

Why don’t we do this more often. Most of the time we seem to open our mouths and let our tongues say whatever they want to say. What if we took a little time to think, Will this  be poison or will it be fruit?

Lately, we have been treated, and I do say TREATED to hearing “Merry Christmas” from everyone, those friends we know and those we don’t. It sounds more beautiful probably because we kinda sounded like we were slipping our tongues over rough stones when we felt obliged to say, “Happy Holidays”. I know some of the sales people glared at me when I said “Merry Christmas”.

So, let’s be merry this Christmas season and not only say, “Merry Christmas”, but think before you say any of those words that are poison. Oh, come on now, I know I say those poison words too. Let’s all try to tell our tongues to change the bad words to good ones, at least some of the time. If more of us did that, we would see fluffy, white clouds up there, instead of those dark, gloomy ones. Or, does he who tells us that all our words go into the clouds just couldn’t think of a better place to store stuff?

Merry Christmas!

Are We Really Looking For Christmas?

The stores are full of people looking for just the right gift. The store itself is decorated for what they call Christmas. Christmas songs are filling the air. I can’t think “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” is a Christmas song! I’m sorry to say that I rather like all those things but when I am home in my quiet bedroom I know that Christmas is a day with far greater meanings than “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” (a song I dearly love)

I am really happy that President Trump has said it’s good to say “Merry Christmas” to one another again. But I am unhappy that all good Christmas items like the scene of the Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child cannot be seen in schools or any public place. Folks just don’t know the real meaning of Christmas

Even the word Christmas is everywhere from selling cars to skimpy underwear is flung around as ideas for gift giving. However, the word separated tells it all. Christ-mas is an old fashioned word telling us that it is a christian day for celebrating Christ birthday. The word Mass means a solemn service in a church.

So, how about some unwinding and taking time to worship the Christ who took away your sins and made it possible for us to call God our father. I have tried to decorate our home as a celebration of Christs birthday and leave all the worldly things to those who don’t know Him. I sure wish they did the same. We would be a happy people then, wouldn’t we?

What’s This With Black Friday?

Black Friday sounds kind of ominous, don’t you think? And it’s still black friday too. It doesn’t seem to end! I don’t know when it started but I do know it hasn’t been around long. I see pictures of loving housewives on television losing their loving selves and actually fighting with other loving housewives just to buy that “thing” they wanted. Why! their hair is flying all over the place and they look nothing like the loving housewives they really are.

Maybe it’s a demonic idea, but I wonder if store owners just wanted to get rid of items that hadn’t sold and thought a black Friday would do the trick.  It did too. If you drive around in the middle of the night you will see cars going way over the speed limit just to get to that store before that “thing” is gone,

I don’t go. I probably would lose every bone in my 91 year old body fighting with my best friend to get that “thing” I truly do want!

It seems that this is just another reason our country is in such a bad shape. We are a selfish nation, wanting everything for ourselves and forgetting that family who has nothing, not even food!