Those Little Things

brown and gray frog on green leafIt’s May, the month we listen for the sounds of baby birds as they cry for mama to bring more food. We reach out eagerly to touch the downy, yellow chicks and stroke the fur of soft, cuddly kittens. Along creek banks, frog eggs become tiny tadpoles, and in the forests, those pretty little fawns are waiting patiently for mama to come back with more food. We do love the little things, don’t we?

Many folks don’t care much for dogs or cats, but eyes light up at the sight of puppies and kittens. We never like the storms and the fury of life, but little things slip through the cracks and sneak into our hearts.

A man was walking along a road one day and met a little boy who was sobbing, the tears splashed down his dusty face. “What’s wrong, young man,” he asked.

“I was supposed to bring the change home, but I lost the money. Daddy will be mad!”

The man reached into his pocket and put some coins down in the grassy place beside the road. Then together they hunted for the money.

“Here it is!” cried the boy. “Now I can go home.”

A little thing, perhaps, but not to the little boy.

All of us have had bad times when we have been too proud to ask for help when we really needed it, but when a kindness is given, it means so much. It may be a little thing, such as a warm handshake, a phone call or some other act of caring. But these little things end up moving that mountain to the person who needs it.

The Bible tells about little things.. Jesus said that giving a cup of cold water to someone who needs it, will not go unrewarded.


Are You Still Still Sitting In The Boat?

I imagine most of us are sitting inside the boat. It’s comfortable in here. We brought pillows for our backs and heads. Why get out of the boat? It’s cold and wet out there. Jesus invites each of us to get out of the boat. Peter did it, you know. You will find that story in the 14th chapter of Matthew. The wind was blowing hard and the disciples were afraid. When they saw Jesus walking on the water, they thought it was a ghost but he said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Peter said, “Lord if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water.”

Jesus replied saying only one word, “Come.”

Peter got out of the boat and he did walk a couple of steps, but the wind scared him and he started to sink so he cried, “Lord, save me.”

Jesus came to him and said, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

It does take a lot of faith and courage to get out of the boat, but if we really decide to do it, we will find our lives will be different. gone will be our belief that we are just ordinary people, living out our lives, but people using the talents or abilities God has given you Have you dream of what you wanted to do? Do you agree with yourself and God that you have some talents and abilities that you are not using at all? Why not? Could it be that you are afraid of the wind?

Jesus has said he will never leave us nor forsake us. Do you believe that? If you do, even if your faith is weak, get out of the boat! Use the talents or abilities that God has given you. Sure, you will face some winds, even stormy winds, but you will begin to see success. You will be glad you got out of the boat.

I haven’t always gotten out of my boat, but I have sometimes. I remember the time when my first husband died. I was offered a job all the way out to Vancouver, Washington and here I was in Wisconsin with three children! I loved it here and I thought I could find a job here, but without using my abilities, which I knew was to teach the old and young the Bible and lead them in singing. So, I stepped out of my boat and came to Washington and took the job that I know God had prepared for me. Though I have had to face wind storms. I am happy I took that step.

You can too. If you do, you will know that God gave you the talents and abilities for a purpose, to use them. It is time for me to step out of the boat again today. I am 92 years of age but I am alive. My son keeps telling me to write a devotional book, but I am afraid. Possibly the storm is raging too high for an old woman. I think I will, with God’s help, step out of the boat. I hope you will too.


That Pollen!

pexels-photo-54300.jpegThe trees have all of their leaves, the flowers have bloomed. Springtime is in the air and we are happy. or are we? I went outside this morning to sit at my table on the deck and found everything was covered with ugly, green stuff! I knew it was there, but I thought it would be easy to brush off. No way! The only way to get rid of that stuff is soap and hot water. Oh well, I’ll wait until another day.

I thought about that. Why did God send all that beauty of spring and then follow it up with that greenish, yellowish stuff? I know! It’s the same as the mountains and valleys in our lives. If God gives us only sunny days with no trouble at all, we would be happy all the time, and soon we would forget about Him. So He sends a few valleys and walks with us as we suffer through them, bringing us back on the mountaintop again.

I am going through one of those valleys right now. My health isn’t good. I haven’t even been to church for several weeks and that is very unusual for me. However, I feel God working in me and will soon bring me back on the mountaintop. My good friend, Harriet, has been in her valley a long time and tomorrow she will have surgery to get a new hip. I believe she will be on the mountaintop real soon.

I think we should thank Him for the mountain tops and thank Him for the valleys because He is at work in us through anything. But the pollen? Ugh, that stuff is something else!

My Son and God

Isn’t it strange how some things turn out? People call it co-instances, but I call it God. He is always working, sometimes to make us better folks, but often to help us out of what could be a real problem.

My son Ron was an engineer at a large research plant for 16 years. His life changed when all the big companies downsized and let many of their employed people go. He looked for work for several years, but either the companies wanted to save money and hire those folks just out of college, or he had too much education and would quit the job just as soon as a better one came along.

He finally decided to embark on a new career on the internet. He had no family to worry about and knew it would be awhile before he earned very much. He began by writing a  podcast and he offered editing services to people writing books and articles. He is very happy with his decision. Shortly after this, my husband died and my son’s apartment rent began to be too much for him. We decided that he would move into the rooms not needed since the children grew up and left our home. That way, I, in my eighties, would have someone around me.

lately, It has turned out that he has become my caregiver. I am soon to become 92 and have developed some health problems. I can’t get around to do things like I used to do.  He doesn’t complain, even when he has to do things that aren’t really manly. He is a wonderful son and a great caregiver. Besides that, he has his career, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

While he was doing his work as an engineer, I don’t imagine he ever thought he would move into the room he grew up in, but the whole thing sounds like God had a hand in arranging our lives. As far as we are concerned, God did a pretty good job.

It Was, It is, April

Wasn’t it great to look out your windows in the morning lately, here in the Northwest? The skies are now blue and the sun shines so brightly! It is the end of April and the rest of the month was dark, gloomy and cold, not at all like we anticipate April to be. It reminded me of an April when I was a girl about ten.

My dad was a pastor of four congregations. He usually held services every other week in the two smaller churches, But at Easter and Christmas, he held them at all four churches. So, after our family attended the 9:30 Easter worship, Mom and Dad headed out to the other three, armed with their lunch which would be eaten in one of the church’s pews. Mom had to go along because she played the organ at all of the churches. The weather was cold and dark.

pexels-photo-236995.jpegThey were eating their lunch when they noticed it had become quite windy outdoors and they decided to hurry to the next Church, but before they got there the snow was coming down crosswise because of the wind. Everyone was at the church when Mom and Dad got there, but by the time the worship hour was completed, there were at least two feet of snow on the ground. The worshipers were wondering how they could get home and they told Mom and Dad not to try to drive the distance they had to go to get home. My parents were worried about us kids who were home alone. I was the oldest child of three and I was only ten. They decided to try to make it home.

About an hour after they drove very slowly through the snow, the car slipped down a ditch and Dad was hurt. He felt he had broken some ribs and his arm. Mom went up on the road to see if anyone was coming, They ended up just sitting in the car. Two hours, or so later, a tractor came down the road. The guy who drove the tractor told Mom, who was standing outside the car, “I thought I would drive out a bit to see if anyone was stranded out here in the snow, and here you are.” Isn’t God wonderful?

The man took Mom and dad to his home where he got his horse and wagon ready and brought them home. Later, Dad got to the doctor and was fixed up. He did have two broken ribs but his arm was just hurt.

I guess we have had other times in April when the weather was bad, but I still think of April as flowers, sunshine and once in awhile warm showers, don’t you?

Our country Is Changing, Isn’t it?

Our PresidentThis morning, I was looking through my E-mails and I noticed nearly all of them came from The Blaze and I wondered how to get them stopped. I had paid him $10 each month for quite awhile and I had stopped that when he was making all kinds of slams at Donald Trump. I didn’t think it was fair for him to berate him for things he had done 20 or so years ago. I knew him only because he had earned his way into riches. Anyhow. I wanted the E-mails stopped.

All of a sudden there were 17 men and one woman, on the Republican side, who wanted to be president and I was thinking Cruz was the man. I didn’t know why Mr. Trump’s name was even on the list, but I watched the sometimes crazy things he said. I was surprised when he won. He was now candidate Trump. Now I was certain the Democrats would win.

But people were praying, including me, that someone would come and turned our country around.  I believe some of the Democrats were praying too. I began to think God was involved somehow. Then, I was reading in the Old Testament of the Bible about King Cyrus, King of Babylon. Now, why was he interested in rebuilding the Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem? However, in the first year of his reign, he issued a decree to rebuild the house of God. He even removed from the temple of Babylon the gold and silver articles they had taken from the temple at Jerusalem, and took them back to the house of God! He even said all costs will be paid by the royal treasury of Babylon. That meant that the Jewish men, who worked at the temple, would be paid by the Babylonian Government!

If God was so interested in that venture, why wouldn’t He be interested in us?  Certainly, king Cyrus was not a really good man. Our forefathers had their own personal problems too, but they started our country in a God-centered way. I began looking at candidate Trump in that way also.

I was not at all surprised that President Trump became our president. He fit into my thoughts just the way I figured. He was put in place by God to shake up our country and this he has done and will continue doing even though he says some crazy things. It seemed impossible, but he put in quite a few Christians into his cabinet and he has been listening to them. Shouldn’t we? We prayed for someone to come and straighten out our American way from the way we were heading, and I believe our prayers are being answered. Do you? Maybe it’s time we change saying, “I hate Trump!”, to supporting him.

Why Do They Cry?

momandbabyYoung People today have everything, even things they didn’t ask for. I wrote on a tablet too, but it was one with a cover and many empty pages I must fill by myself. And there were consequences when I did something wrong, none of this “You’re grounded” stuff. Instead, we were “taken to the woodshed”. And, do you know what was funny? We knew we were loved!

A generation passed, but do you know what happened? I remember still spanking my children, but it was far less. We knew what a penny was and if one was found somehow, our children at least put it in their pocket! We parents remembered the great depression and lived by it. My children didn’t even receive an allowance. They were told that all our money belonged to the family and when one member had a wonderful opportunity, we all gave the money needed for that one child.

Another generation passed and young people just didn’t know what happened! All of a sudden Hi-Tech was upon them and their minds weren’t ready for that. They were thrust into a world where they had to know all the tricks like cell phones, computers, tablets, (not one like I had) and talk to one another only by the social media. Their minds did not have the chance to grow!

The new world was thrust upon parents too and they gave everything to their child except love. Oh, they loved them to be sure, but they were too busy with their own Hi-Tech stuff to show it, so they gave their children more and more stuff! And the children cried out for love.

What can I do about it? I can pray, yes I can. I have heard many people say, “All there is left to do is pray,”. That is the first thing and a daily thing to do. Don’t you know that putting everything into the loving hands of the Father is the best thing to do? And if more of us prayed things would change. Our children would have the love they so desperately need.