The Bible

The Bible is a love story, said Roma Downey, of Touched by an Angel fame. I agree and based on Mark Burnett’s and his wife’s, (Roma Downey) biggest challenge, that of putting the Bible into five two-hour episodes, they have done that and more! Though I have only seen the first two hours I have come to the same conclusion that the entire Bible is truly a love story and look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes. I decided to write about this in my blog because I want to encourage you to watch it too. You’ll be starting at Joshua’s taking down of the city of Jericho and you will have missed the stories of Abraham and Moses so I hope that you will get the chance to see the first two- hour episodes too.

You can see The Bible on your History channel next Sunday, March 10. Look for the time but it should be in the evening. I hope many of you have already seen the first two episodes. I have heard people say God is not a loving God because he had all the people drown in the story of Noah and he had Abraham sacrifice his son, but he had all the wicked people drown and he didn’t allowAbraham to kill his son. He wanted to test Abraham’s faith.

I saw Jesus in both of these stories. In having all the wicked people drown I saw that those who refuse to accept the fact that Jesus died for their sins and rose again will again be lost and those who do accept will be saved, not in a boat but in heaven. Abraham was told by God that he must sacrifice his only son. Just in time he didn’t but sacrificed the lamb that appeared nearby. This told of Jesus death. Jesus was God’s own son that he allowed to be killed for the sake of all of us. If we look at both of those stories we will see God’s love story.

The Bible shows the good and the evil sides of mankind and the redemption of evil to good. Look for this in each of the stories as Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have portrayed them.

“It felt like a call” said Mark Burnett In a Guideposts article. “I couldn’t get it out of my head, as though the Holy Spirit was saying “Yes, Mark, Yes.”

Mark Burnett is best known for the two TV programs he is producing, Survivor and The Voice. “This time it would be with a project that gave back to God for all my many blessings,” he wrote in Guideposts Magazine.

I hope I have whetted your interest and that you will watch The Bible on Sunday March 10th. You will not be sorry. I believe this is just what we need at this hour in our country.


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