Thoughts At Random

I have been ill this week so have sequestered myself by staying low and doing nothing except watching a bit of television. But I heard the word “sequestered” every time I watch the news. So I decided to look up the word in the dictionary Here is what I read: (1) to remove or withdraw into solitude or separate. (2 in law) to remove property temporarily from the possession of the owner. It seems my government is trying to stay low and do nothing recently too. But then I heard President Obama is closing the White House to us Americans because of the sequestered law he signed recently. I wasn’t planning a tour there so it doesn’t mean anything to me but how can a president or anyone else close the White house from little kids who have put money away to have a tour this summer of their own White House?

The whole thing seems unreasonable to me especially since I also heard the government is planning to sequester 2% of the federal budget. That doesn’t sound like very much. Certainly they can find that amount without telling kids they cannot have their tour this summer. How about cutting some of Federal worker’s salaries so that they come somewhat nearer what the public workers earn. Or how about not sending all that money to countries that hate us? Oh, there must be many ways they have spent money foolishly. I know there are many Americans who have sequestered more than 2% of their incomes more than once.

But to change the subject rather abruptly, How about the second part of seeing The
Bible last week? If you didn’t see it the history channel is showing it again during the week. Kinda violent, wasn’t it? I figured it would be. It isn’t in our DNA to be anything else. Those Old Testament folks aren’t too different from us Americans. We seem to be pretty violent ourselves. The movie was awfully good though, wasn’t it? David was not depicted as a perfect man. I guess that shows that even I can be saved, doesn’t it? God said more than once that David was a man of his own heart.

I hope that you are watching The Bible as it goes on. I understand the closing part will be on Easter Sunday. That will be meaningful, won’t it?


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