It’s Easter? Already!

I have a confession to make. I still have my Christmas decorations sitting out in my porch! Isn’t that awful? I decided quite awhile ago that I would clean my husband’s stuff out of his little house which he used all the time. He had all his tools in there and quite a few other things too. He died 4 years ago. It’s time I did something out there, don’t you think? Anyhow, that’s where I plan to put my Christmas stuff and that’s why I haven’t moved them. And here it is Easter week already.

I often wonder what the kids of today think of Easter. I asked a couple of them the other day and I got these answers: “I think it’s about candy. We sure get a lot of it on Easter, don’t we?” Here is another one: “I think it’s about Springtime. The trees are blossoming and, I don’t know I just feel different.” I like that one better, but both of them are wrong, aren’t they?

I wish everone knew how much God loves them but it’s hard to realize when every TV show talks about a different kind of love. Or we hear I just love ice cream, Toyota cars and that dress hanging there in the window. Love means just about anything these days but God’s love is real. He loves us so much he was willing to send his only son to die for us and rise from the dead letting us know he really is our Savior and he really took our sins away so that we can again know God and his love.

And that’s why we have an Easter. It isn’t a bunny and egg day or a day to wear a new dress. It isn’t a day to celebrate springtime either. ‘but we can be glad and celebrate because our sins are gone if we believe Jesus is Lord and we can go to heaven when we die. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

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