Are You Shopping For The Simple Life?

Last week I wrote to you about the simple life. In it I wrote about the life of folks years ago. I did live that life but it isn’t like life today. We have to live our lives today and there is a way to do that.

As much as I know, which isn’t a lot, very few of us really live the simple life. Most of us make their choices to keep their lives out of control, which leaves them rushed and not satisfied. Simplicity must be more than dreaming about the past where folks did live a simple life. They had to. Their government wasn’t there to help them so they had to call on family or the church when they needed help. But we, today, depend on our government for everything, our loans on our homes,which we pay much more than we can afford, our college loans, our coming health care and our retirement. There seems to be more of these things every day. Our government is helping us become more and more dependent.

When I heard the other day that our children don’t really belong to our parents but belong to the government I said to myself, “This is enough.” I hope it is enough for you parents too. We must get back to the simple life.

You can get back from your frenzied life. Keep your children at home with you, eat at the table together, talk to them about right and wrong, play games inside or outside with them, watch what they are looking at in TV or video games. You are driving them to so many places these days looking for just the thing they need when all the time they just need mom and dad. This not only tires you out, but your kids too.

Get out of debt. You will sleep better if you don’t owe everything to others. This is very important if you want the simple life. And get back to God. He is in control of everything and if you let him, he’ll put you on the right tract. I think this is the most important thing you can do to simplify your life.

The simple life gives you real freedom. We need that today and it begins with you and your family. Stand up for our constitution in America today. It’s important because our government is taking much of our freedoms away. Getting back to a simpler way of life will help, not only your family but others too. Freedom comes one family at the time!


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