What About These Guns?

I’m not a gun woman. I don’t even think I have shot one but this talk going on has started me thinking and I thought I would bring my thoughts to you. As many of you know I have had two husbands. The first one died suddenly when he was still in his thirty’s. I remember he was so excited when deer hunting season arrived. He talked with me about when he and his friends set up camp and sat around the campfire in the evenings. He liked the way the moon shined on them and the way one of the men sang old songs. He said it seemed like a prayer out there in the cold, but feeling warm by the campfire. In the very early morning,he and his friends started out through the woods to find their deer.

Let’s skip several years. I married my second husband and he told me much the same story. The guns were second in his memory to the wonderful feeling of friendship he had at the camp. Sitting around the campfire and the smell of sizzling bacon and coffee brewing and the men talking was the most important time of the hunting trip. The following morning they too took off through the woods in an entirely different part of the country to get their deer.

That freedom has nearly ended as far as I can see. The cost of hunting and fishing has become so great ordinary people can’t afford this luxury. That is too bad. But what if our guns are taken away from us? Will that be our final freedom? We won’t be able to defend ourselves any more.Our second amendment says that we are able to keep arms and this will never be taken from us. Our arms will protect us from our government becoming too tyrannical and this is important to us today. After all, the criminal will never give up his or her way to kill us. We found that out this week at Boston.

To get back to hunting and deer, I have heard that if we don’t hunt the deer they will die of starvation because there are too many of them. In Wisconsin, when I lived there, people went out in snowmobiles to feeding stations to put out feed for the deer. Shortly after my first husband died, my friends took me out in their snowmobile to feed the deer. We went to a feeding station in the woods and took hay out of a shelter and threw the hay all around the area. Some of the deer were already there anticipating their food. Wouldn’t it be better to have some men, and women too, out there in there in the woods setting up their camp and sitting by the campfire talking? Then, in the very early morning, they will take up their guns and go tramping through the woods to get their deer.

Though I am not a gun woman I believe we should be able to keep guns and I believe this freedom should not be taken from us.


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