Moms Are Moms

My daughter is a single mom with two daughters,ages 10 to 13. She teaches music at an elementary school working about 9 hours every day, plus the things she has to do for her classes at home.She has to drive her oldest girl to her school each day and her daughter is involved in many activities, basketball, track and band being three of them. Mom takes her to these activities. Her youngest daughter is involved in gymnastics so that calls for a trip every wednesday evening. The girls are both members of 4H which means another trip with both girls and their dogs every monday evening. And Mom herself is on a worship team at her church which means a practice every once in awhile, plus she is a runner, involving practice runs and marathons. Doesn’t that make you tired just reading that? But her girls are growing up to be wonderful women who know right from wrong and are polite to everyone.

My two neighbors are working moms too. Granted, they both have husbands but they are working also. I’ve watched their children because they play outdoors instead of with televisions or video games. These kids are nice to everyone including an old woman like me. Their moms have taken the time to train up their children.

In the “olden” days mom stayed home with the children. It was expected,but living was harder in those days. It took all day to wash clothes and baking day was just as bad. Cleaning the house took a lot of time and effort too. Their kids turned out okay too.

I think the war between women, or is it just the media, should end. The moms who take the time to really raise their children, teaching them right from wrong and letting them know they are loved will help them grow up that way. These kids will be good parents one day. It really doesn’t matter whether a mom works or not, she is still a mom and that is what matters most isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all moms would be like those who take the time to really train their kids?


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