Has Someone Been Nudging You?

One day last winter I was in the Walmart store and saw a young couple just standing in the entrance seemingly keeping warm. I felt the nudge but I didn’t go over to them, but I was surprised when they came over to me. They said they were hungry and needed something to eat. I told them that all I had with me was my debit card, which was the truth. The couple was very nice about it and went out of the store. After they had gone I thought I could have taken them to McDonalds, which was in the Walmart store,and bought them something to eat using my debit card. I have always felt guilty about that incidence. Why didn’tI pay attention to my nudge?

How about you? Haven’t you felt that you should go visit someone who is ill? Haven’t you felt you should write or call that friend who is now lonely after her husband died? Those are little nudging things given you by God. You, and I, should always obey when God calls, don’t you think? Of course the devil will also give his nudging, telling us we don’t need to follow up on these little ideas.

A true story, I don’t know whether I read it or someone told it to me, brings this whole thing into focus. On September 8,1799, Admiral Thomas Williams was taking his ship across the ocean.He sailed past the uninhabited island of Ascension. He felt a deep burden that he should steer toward it. His sailors were against it saying it would delay his trip, but he gave the order to change course. One of the sailors was looking through his binocular and thought he saw a white flag. As the drew closer they found more than a dozen shipwrecked men, destitute and near starvation. The men had been praying for someone to come and rescue them. Wasn’t it great that the Admiral listened to his nudge?

Maybe your nudge won’t be like his or like mine at Walmart’s but whatever we are asked to do, we must do it. When we realize that it is God giving the nudge we will want to obey, won’t we?


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