We Are Americans

The news and our thoughts were on the killing of our ambassador and the 3 Navy Seals,The IRS scandal.and the AP problem when suddenly parts of Oklahoma was turned upside down when tornados arrived. We American left our thoughts to those who can solve them. We had more important things to do. Some of us left our cozy homes and went to help those who found themselves without anything at all. Their homes were gone and so were all their possessions and even one or two members of their families were gone.

Some of us got clothing and food together and brought them to the shelters. Some of us dug deep in our billfolds to send money to help those in need. Most of us got on our knees in prayer for our fellow Americans in Oklahoma. After all, who can give them the peace they need more than God?

We are Americans. We will be thinking of our fallen heroes this weekend and we will continue to pray for and think of the people in Oklahoma. We will do those things we can do because we are Americans. And Americans are different from people in other countries and we should keep ourselves wide awake and not let ourselves change. We want to stay the same. We want our freedom in things American to continue.

Some want us to change and become more like people in other countries, but why? We send our money to help whenever there is a disaster like an earthquake or hurricane in any foreign country. We help those who come into our country legally get started so that they can enjoy our freedom as much as we do. We are, after all, Americans and we don’t want anyone to change us.

But we have not been watching as schools have outlawed prayer and their curricular is changing too. We have not talked or played with our kids as much as we should. Instead, we have left the TV or the video game to do the talking for them. If we want America to stay the way our forefathers arranged it, we have to stay wide awake, change the things we can and stand against those things that will change us. That way,our kids will help those in need too. They will say, “Of course we will help, we’re Americans aren’t we?”


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