The Rainy Weather is Good

Last Friday, my son, Jim, arrived for a short visit,from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. It was raining of course. He was ecstatic about the rain. He told me that they hadn’t had any rain for six months! Every day he comments on how wonderful the rain is.

Another thing he likes and never gets enough of is the greenery around our Pacific Northwest. I appreciated the greenery too, seeing it from his eyes. He also talked about the dawn. “You don’t see dawn very much around here,” he offered. “Our New Mexican dawn is even more beautiful than our sunsets. The rosy, orange and yellow blend so beautifully with our turquoise blue of the sky.” I could almost see his dawn as I looked out at our grey skies with water coming down from Heaven.

Isn’t it wonderful how God has made everything good? Even at the beginning he said, “It is good,” whenever he completed a task in creation. The problem comes when we begin complaining about our weather. We really should be extremely thankful for each day that comes, whether it brings rain or sunshine.

We should be happy with the place God has given you too. If you live on the beach, I think you are lucky to have that ocean scene before your eyes every day, but I have heard complaints from people who live there such as all the wind and rain they get. If you live in the plain states and can enjoy the sky and the thousands of stars besides the wonderful farming country, I’ve heard complaints there too. And I have heard complaints from folks who live in the southern states. The folks who live in our large cities in the east complain too, but we shouldn’t, should we?

God has put us wherever we live and we shouldn’t be downcast at all if it rains in the springtime or snows in winter or is too hot in the summer. America is a land that has everything and to take a vacation in one of the other climates is fun to do. Even if you can’t travel, you can always find a picture in a magazine or a tape showing one or more of these other places right here in America. We are all so lucky, aren’t we?


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