A Memorial Service to Remember

I didn’t write my blog yesterday because I went to a Memorial service and I was glad I didn’t.It gives me the chance to tell you about that service which was different from any I have attended before.

When I entered the church I was given a pretty bag and told to take anything that was on the table. The table was laden with tiny bags containing the favorite cookies and candies of Eddie Butler, the man who died. I put a cookie and a bag of candy in my bag along with Eddie’s obituary and a program for the service and walked inside the packed church.

The Eddie Butler I knew was the man who greeted me each Sunday morning when I came to church. He always wore a smile and said “Good morning” like he really meant it. He was a quiet and humble man, but I didn’t know him at all!

He was a black man who accomplished much during his lifetime. He was a sergeant in the Marine Corps and a great football player in both his high school and college years. Not only that, but he earned both a BA and a MA degree in college and even did some work in a doctor’s degree. He did that during the 40’s and 50’s when the black men and women were considered much lower than the white people. Certainly Eddie was one who fought and won whatever he wanted.

He taught elementary school for 32 years and was selected teacher of the year in 1988. The people who filled the church that day knew and loved that man and it was obvious that they thought he was a great man not only for his activities but for his attitude about life itself. The church was filled with both black and white folks, but no one thought about that. They were there to honor this great man who was always quiet and humble.

Eddie had what every person should have. He walked with God and everyone knew that. I wonder if that isn’t the reason he was able to do the things he did. He didn’t do all those things by himself. God was always close beside him. That was the reason we held that wonderful service of celebration. Eddie did it God’s way

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