It’s Not About Me

Three of my four “children”, who aren’t children any more, and three grandchildren,One of these isn’t a child any more either, came to my house yesterday to celebrate my daughters birthday. My son was chef for the day. He made Rice Bowls using Pork, beef and chicken as the meats for the bowls. Everyone had to try each kind. I think my daughter enjoyed her birthday celebration.

What I discovered was that I wasn’t needed anymore for conversation, comments or certainly not advice. I tried to get in to whatever they were talking about such as movies, basketball or food, but my comments weren’t heard or listened to, I’m not sure which.

Then I remembered the book I was reading, IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, by Max Lucado. I thought no, It’s not about me, but God is in control and if we let him be in control we will enjoy the conversations of my children much more. I believe everyone should read that book and perhaps my children should too. We are accustomed to thoughts like,”He’s too busy to care for the little things, but we must remember he loves each of us and if he tells us that we are to listen to certain conversations or not listen to certain conversations we are right to do whatever seems right.

It truly isn’t about me but it is about God. Certainly God who made everything in existence, yet loves each one of us, is able to control what goes on in any ordinary family. And maybe next time we get together, they will let me talk too. In the meantime, I will learn to sit still and listen to them, and be happy they want to come to my house! The following is taken from the book, IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, by Max Lucado.

Why does the earth spin? For him. Why do you have talents and abilities? For him.
Why do you have money or poverty? For him. Why do you have strength or struggles? For him. Everything and everyone exists to reveal his glory, including you.

So I guess it doesn’t matter that my kids have their conversations without me. After all, God is in control of my life and yours too, if you let him.


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