What Does The Forth Mean To You?

Does it mean a four day weekend off from work? Does it mean a time to get a lot done around the house? Or does it mean camping or picnics with the kids? There really isn’t anything wrong with any of those things, but I believe we should take the time to do more, especially this Fourth of July.

Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t even talk about the nearly 17 trillion dollars we owe! I haven’t heard about that for quite some time and that seems to be a big problem, doesn’t it? The people in charge, and we really don’t know who is in charge,tell us that the whistleblower, Snowden, has put our country in real trouble by revealing certain secrets that Homeland Security wanted to keep silent. It’s hard to know whether he is a hero or a traitor, some say one thing and some say the other.

Then there is the problem with the IRS.They appear to be targeting conservative groups negatively, and they are spending our money on lavish vacations, pornography and wine. Boy! Those guys are out of control, wouldn’t you say?

Even the press is having problems with the government arresting reporters for just doing their jobs. And why is our government trying so hard to get amnesty of our illegal immigrants when we have passed rules on immigrants that we are not keeping at all?

You get the idea. Our country is in trouble and our freedoms are being taken away. I’m not even mentioning our schools in this. We need to pray for our beloved America and that is a good thing to do on the Fourth. Also, we need to talk to our children about the beginnings of America, and our freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. Otherwise, they will grow up in an America that is very different than it is today.

Let’s do the right thing and we will enjoy our days off, doing things around the house or camping and picnicking. We will enjoy the fireworks too if we really have our houses in order.


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