She Keeps On Running!

My daughter is running in a marathon tomorrow. Her team will run in the Cascade mountains, up one hill and down another. She has run the Hood to Coast marathon two times and smaller marathons on several occasions. Whenever I ask her why she does this she answers, “I do it for God.”

She was born with Hydro Syphilitic disease, where a membrane is around the lungs so she couldn’t breathe. The doctor told us that if she didn’t break the membrane within three days she would die. She broke it on the third day! The doctor told us there might be brain damage but we were too excited to listen.

She was developing like any baby but when it came time for her to learn to walk, she just went around on her tummy pushing herself with her hands. Then came the running around to children’s doctors and getting no answers. One doctor said he might be able to fit her with braces when she reaches the age of ten.

One evening, because of a friend’s urging, we took her to a church where this friend said a visiting pastor was holding services. He was supposed to have the gift of praying to receive healing. We were quite skeptical of this but we went anyhow.

When the pastor prayed for our little girl, nearly three years old, she let out a scream and she kept screaming! I had a tough time getting her calmed down. We didn’t see any difference in her the day after the prayer. The next day we were at the park and she wanted to get out of her stroller. I put down a blanket for her to lay on but she would have nothing to do with that. The second I put her down on the blanket, she started to walk! She didn’t walk like a three year old child but like a baby just learning to walk. But she was walking and she has been walking and running ever since.

God healed her and that is a fact. She knows it too and she has been running marathons for God every summer since she has grown to be a lovely young lady.


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