What in the World is Going on?

I am reading the book WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON, By Dr. David Jeremiah and in it he talks about many of the things that are going on. I am concerned, but not desperate.I know that God is in control but I can’t help thinking he wants us to stand up for him. We haven’t been you know. When our schools closed their eyes on God, prayer and even Santa, though I sure don’t know why, we didn’t stand up and say,”NO,” did we?

When we began killing babies before they had a chance to live we didn’t stand up and say, “No.”did we? When our government started spending money, and borrowing money in a crazy way, we didn’t stand up and say,”NO,” did we? And now we are paying for it. What if we go into a really bad depression? What if someone hit our electrical supply with a bad bomb and we were left without any electricity at all? I am old enough to remember that bad depression in the 20’s and 30’s and I wonder how many of us could handle that. Let me tell you a bit about that time.

I was just a little girl but I recall the stores being empty of things we really needed. I remember sitting down to the table to eat dinner and there was only a few crumbs to eat. And getting along without electricity was easy, we were used to having a hole under our kitchen floor to put our milk and eggs (If we had any) to keep cool.We were used to seeing at night by kerosene lamps. I doubt if we, in this modern age, could handle those things. We are too used to having things we want when we want them. We really think we need our cell phones, tablets and computers and couldn’t get along without them.

It’s time, it’s really high time, that we stand up for the things that are right. There is a right and a wrong way even if some say there isn’t. “Everything is relative” they say. We know if we read the Bible at all that they are wrong. There is good and evil, right and wrong. If you haven’t been reading the Bible It’s a good thing to start. You’ll find that it reads just like what is happening today.


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