Retirement? From What?

I went to my son-in-law’s retirement party and his last service as a Lutheran Pastor on Sunday. It turned out that this was a life changing moment for me. I actually have a son-in law who has retired! Life truly is as the Bible says “like a blade of grass.” When I look back I see many good and sorrowful things, but all of these things have happened in a moment of time, or so it seems. And now I am old.

But retired? No, I am one who never retires. I have gone through three retirement dinners of which I was the honored guest. One was when I retired as a Mission worker at a church, One was when I retired as “Preacher Lady”after 21 years as leader of a ministry at a camp.The last on was when I retired as district representative for an insurance company. My last one will be when I enter Heaven. I believe that God gives us life and will one day take life and we are to work for him all during that one life, except when we are little children.

There is much talk today about “saving for our retirement”. I can see a retirement for a person who is too ill to continue working, but she or he doesn’t really retire, or at least shouldn’t because as ill as people are they can still pray. They can still smile at someone who needs a smile. Maybe they cannot continue working at a mill or a store but they can still work for God. He has promised he will never leave us or forsake us so we should never leave him or forsake him.

No, I will never retire. I am just finishing a book I have been working on for two years.It is almost ready to be published. I am starting another book geared to pre-teenagers although it might be slanted to a more general audience before I have completed it. Everyone should have an interest to work on when the company you are working for retires you. I am sure my son-in-law will get into something he is interested in before long. He isn’t the type to sit around, that’s for sure!

My wish for all of you is that you will continue working for God all your lives, whether it be in volunteering or working for hire because he has given you one life to live. Why not keep on working fr him?

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