Am I Called to Help?

The other day I saw two men beating up an old woman on TV. There were people walking past, some stopped to watch, but no one called for help or did they help themselves. I wondered, “what would I do?” I hope I would at least call 911! I have no idea what that woman did but whatever it was the beating was wrong.

You probably have heard about the three young guys who beat up a younger student in a school bus just the other day. The bus driver didn’t even intervene! It was reported that the kid who suffered the beating had turned in the three perpetrators for having drugs in school. There, the youngster had intervened and suffered for it. Again, I ask myself, “what would I do?”I’d like to think I would turn in the three kids too!

We see people sleeping beside big buildings, in parks or just on the sidewalk on TV every day. But do we go and find these people, feed them, bring them a blanket or better yet, take them home with us? Not too many of us do that, but there are some who do. Are you one of the few?

Jesus was never too busy to be interrupted to heal a ragged man who was trying to get into a pool which healed many. He stopped his travel one day to heal the man who had leprosy. He stopped to pick up a child and tell the people standing around that they must become like little children too.

Yes, we have been asked to help others who need us, but too often we use these excuses: I don’t have time to get involved. I send money to help those in need so I don’t have to actually be involved. (that one hits me pretty hard.) I know that the Salvation Army does good work in feeding and clothing the poor, but that’s a big organization, they don’t need me to help serve the hungry, poor or to ring a bell to get more money at Christmas time. It’s dangerous to get near those homeless people.

If only we would stop and think that Jesus died for these people too! And God loves them and has given us this great commandment: Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself. (paraphrasing).Remember, everyone is your neighbor, that homeless one, the rich man who is sick and lonely. Everyone needs help sometimes. Why not get involved?


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