Follow Your Dream

What is it that keeps gnawing at you? It’s something that you really want to do “but the kids came and they needed me” or “I don’t have the money it will take” or “I just don’t have it”. Yet you want to do it and the dream goes on. That isn’t a dream. It’s a gift from God and you should go ahead and do it.

A man, we’ll call his name Sam had a dream. He wanted to start an antique business but his wife said it was just a dream and he should quit dreaming about it. He told me he woke up, shaking in the middle of the night, thinking of his dream. Finally, he gave up. He literally threw up his hands and told himself, “Okay, if I am going to fail, I still will go ahead with this.” And he prayed, “Lord, is this what you want me to do? It isn’t my will, it’s yours.”

He went ahead with his antique business and it was a success. So much so that he now owns antique businesses in several small towns in his area.

What is God telling you? Six years ago I had a stroke. I couldn’t see and if I could it would be double vision. I had a dream too but after my husband died suddenly while still in his 30’s, I gave up my dream. I had to raise my three children and that was my only thought. Even after the children was raised and I had a new husband, my dream was still there. I wanted to write a book.

Oh I had dabbled a bit in writing. I had even sold some small articles to magazines but that didn’t satisfy my dream. When I had my stroke, I gave it all up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to write anything, not even a grocery list now. But I prayed, “God if this dream is a gift from you. If this is what you want, It is not my will, it is yours.”

I am in my 80’s now and my book, “He Leadeth me, a Grandmother’s Story”, is nearly ready to publish. And I am working on a second book! I followed my dream and you can too. Just tell God that it is not my will, it is yours and plow right ahead. Maybe your dream is different from mine or Sam’s. Dreams are as many as the stars above. If you have that gnawing in you that will not leave, follow that dream


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