A Weekend To Remember.

It started off on Friday when my best friend, Shih Tzu dog Sonny, went under the knife! The Vet took five of his teeth out. He had constant ear infections and couldn’t eat dry food so I had it done. He is sore, but not complaining much. He is 10 years old so he is not a young dog. I’ll admit I was worried about the anesthesia because I had another dog who didn’t awaken again during a spading operation. Isn’t it funny how a dog can become almost like a human to a dog-lover?

Then on Sunday afternoon my son, Ron, Took me and Sonny on a road trip up the Washington side of the gorge. Oh, was that beautiful! The greenery of the fir trees and the early gold of the meadows almost took my breath away. Then add the blue of the skies and the river and you have it all. I can’t forget the mountains, they were above me sometimes and below me other times depending on whether we were driving up or down. They were gorgeous in their green and brown dresses any way I looked at them.

My son said he was going to take me to the prettiest picnic table he had ever seen. I had seen many picnic tables and couldn’t see what would be so pretty about this one. But it was! It perched high on a rocky cliff with a mountain wall just across the river. The Columbia River was quiet today, I didn’t see the usual white caps and it looked small below me. Beacon Rock stood majestically just beside me where I could see where people could climb it. I had climbed it years before but as I looked at it yesterday I couldn’t believe I had ever done that! After we visited that picnic table, we started off for home.

It was a wonderful day, a blue sky and sunny day. I had seen the gorge many times before but I had never seen it like yesterday. Ron had hiked that area many times and knew just where to take me. He told me what everything looked like in Spring or Winter and about the wild life that is abundant in the Springtime. He gave me a gift I will always remember. How great is God who created all this! And how great a gift it was to be able to see this grandeur.


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