Don’t Let Water Get Into Your Boat!

I am reading Billy Graham’s devotional called “Hope”. In it he says “ A boat doesn’t sink because it is in the water but because water gets in the boat. Ever since I read that, It has been on my mind. Is there any water in your boat? If there is, you’d better get it out before your boat sinks.

The Bible tells us that we are traveling on one of two roads. One is wide and easy to travel on, full of interesting things to see, and fun to try out for ourselves. The other road is narrow and rough, but has Jesus as captain. Traveling on it you will have peace and happiness in this life and you will have eternal life forever. Your boat will sink on the first road but your boat will sail on with Jesus taking you through the rough spots in the second road.

How in the world did that water get into my boat you ask? It is easy and you almost don’t recognize it. When you missed that church service for reasons like-”Oh but I don’t want to miss that game on TV. Wasn’t it easy to miss the second service? Drip, drip drip, a little water just entered your boat. And remember, you watched that television show you knew wasn’t one which you should watch, but “just one time won’t hurt”. It was easier, wasn’t it, to watch it the next time and the time after that. Drip, drip, a little more water just entered your boat.

How about that friend who invited you to that night club? “The guys in the band are just great. You’ll really enjoy it!” The friend had said. And you did enjoy it. You drank too much and you enjoyed dancing with that girl. “’But I won’t tell my wife,”you said. A lot more water just entered your boat, and it was a whole lot easier to go with the friend another time and the time after that too!

“How in the world can I get the water out of my boat,” you ask? That’s easy too. All you have to do is call on Jesus. Say you are sorry you got so much water into your boat, but you don’t want to sink. Tell him you know he died for every sinner and he died for you. And also tell him you want to get back on that narrow road and you do want Jesus to be your captain of your boat from now on. That’s all. Your boat will lose all the water and you’ll go sailing, you and Jesus from that day on.


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