The State Fair

Some things don’t change. I was happy to see that this past weekend when my daughter took me to the Washington State Fair. I almost waited to see Jeanne Crain and Dick Haymes come walking down the fairway and the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein drifting through the air. “State Fair”has always been one of my favorite movies and though it depicts a period long gone from today, the Washington State fair is not much different from that movie.

I was there to watch my youngest grandchild, Megan, and her dog, Cargo, try to win
Grand Champion in the state 4H competition. They had won the Champion award at the Clark County Fair recently. There were three groups of kids in the Intermediate class trying for the top award in the state and many were ready to go into the Junior class. Megan was only ten years old and didn’t win but she said, “Just wait until next year!” I was proud of her and I’m sure she will be back.

There were the usual livestock competitions going on. I didn’t see any big pigs like the ones Pa had in the movie. I did see the Woman’s jars and jars of canned produce and their needlework much like Ma’s entries in”State Fair” though.

Then there were the rides. The ones in the movie were much tamer than the ones I saw that day. Whew! I wouldn’t want to ride on any of them. I think the rides have become almost horror chambers. Who in the world would want to get in any of them! But there seemed to be riders in all of them! Maybe I’m just getting old.

There is one thing that was very different in the movie. The sun was shining or the moon was casting a glow upon young lovers there. It wasn’t like that in my visit to the State fair. We had several cloud bursts of rain when we got very wet. But then the sun would come out and the crowds came out too. During the rain people stayed inside the competition rooms as much as they could.

I was glad that Megan was showing her showmanship at the fair that day because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. It was good to see state fairs haven’t changed from the 50’s when the movie State Fair was new. Everything else seems to have changed. In this day of high technology kids are having a hard time lifting their heads from the games they are playing on their tablets or the TV. Thank God for 4H where kids are taught things like how to train their livestock, crochet of knit or even how to can their foods. I think all kids should join 4H, don’t you? I’m glad Megan did


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