I Sing Because I’m Happy!

Yesterday I joined The Marshallairs, a singing group in our city. I didn’t know what to expect nor did I know if I would really like to join. I found everybody was a senior citizen, but I knew about that. What was really nice was that everyone seemed to enjoy singing and many of them had a lot of musical knowledge. There were people there that were dancers, singers, artists, writers, all kind of put on the shelf because of their age!

It seems that folks still think of 65 as the time to retire, sit in their rocking chairs and wait for death. These people are not going to do that and most of them were well past age 65! The younger folks around us seem to think we are “over the hill”, and our talents are not needed anymore. It’s sad really, because all of the singers in The Marshallaires have much to give and should be allowed to use the talents they have.

When I think that my children are reaching the age of 65, I wonder. I know they have much to give the world. Will they retire? I hope they will keep on keeping on. We are living much longer now than people did in past generations. I think I would go for a much later date than 65 as the age to retire. In fact I don’t think we should have a retirement age.

Moses took the children of Israel out of Egypt when he was 80 years old. I read about him complaining about the bad things the children of Israel did and that he didn’t feel he was capable in speaking, but I never read that he thought he was too old to do the work God wanted him to do. I don’t think we should have the word “retire” in our vocabulary either. God has given each of us so many days to live. We have no idea how long we are to live, but we should keep doing the things we are capable of doing until that day he calls us. The Marshallaires feel that way. How about you?

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