Filter Your Sunshine

I always stop and look whenever I see a picture of a Victorian lady sitting in a rose garden. She is wearing a dress which is ruffled and carrying an umbrella which is also ruffled. I don’t know why but it always brings peace to me. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t look like she is bothered by the many things we face today. All she is interested in is keeping the sun away from her face and her thoughts on the roses all around her. She is smart you know, filtering the sun off her face with the fancy umbrella. We use sun lotion which is not nearly so romantic.

The first thing we should filter out is our mail. It might be a good idea if we put a garbage pail near our mail box. Maybe all the junk we get in the mail is the reason the postal service is still around! At least, it keeps them in business. My son always tells me I should throw most of my mail away except the bills. He is right, you know. The other day I got a letter from Publishers Clearing house telling me I had won $7000 a week for life and that I would be receiving it in two days! I found out that Publishers Clearing House never sends letters to winners and that the $7000 wouldn’t be given out until November 29th. I did receive a letter in two days but all it told me was that I had to purchase some of the items they had listed and I would be eligible to receive the money. I don’t know how they get by with calling themselves Publishers Clearing House, but I guess I’ll leave that up to them.

Another thing we should filter out is television. Last night I was watching The Voice and the commercials were terrible. Some were of shows that would be coming up. These had scenes in them that were downright scary and some were of movies that would be soon on our screens. These were so violent that I would think no one would ever pay money to see. And Children were watching The Voice too! I found a way I could filter out those commercials. I just closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears!

However there are other things that should be filtered out on television. Of course we should watch the news. We should know what is going on in our government. How else would we know who to elect to run things. We don’t need to know everything about every killing in the world, do we? Sometimes we hear of a murder for days. They go on and on talking about it. I suppose they need to fill up the time, but why not fill it with good news. There is a lot of it going on but we don’t hear about that.

Many of the things we look at, read or listen to or even what we say or think needs to be filtered. Unfortunately the sights and sounds that surround us leave us stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. We must filter them if we want peace and joy to invade the spaces that we have allowed inside. We will find our lives will be more relaxed as peace and joy take over. Who knows, maybe we’ll have time to read God’s letter once in awhile


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