What’s In A Name?

I wrote a book.It is titled “He Leadeth Me, A grandmother’s story”. That name tells it all. God has led me through these 80 plus years. And I tell the whole story, from the depression years to the high tech time we have today. I hope all of you will read it when it comes out an e-book from Amazon.

However, it was difficult to write who the author was. Oh, it was me all right, but you see I have been married twice. Once I was E. Yvonne Thompson, and Edward Thompson died when he was still in his 30’s. Later, my name was E. Yvonne Hood when I married Frank Hood. He died five years ago. Now Eddie and I had five children and I had one with Frank. The early part of my book, when I was a little and big girl,I was Estelle Yvonne Redal. I figured I am still me and I might just as well use the name which I was given when I came into the world. I surely didn’t want to leave either of my husbands out and I surely didn’t in the pages of my book.

So, I wondered what’s in a name? Just think. A girl marries five times and is divorced all five times. She must have a tough time keeping track of her name! She is still the girl she was born to be and inside she hasn’t changed, has she? I still think more of my parents, sister and brother, grandparents and aunts and uncles than I do of either Eddie’s or Frank’s families even though I care a great deal for both. I truly am E. Yvonne Redal so my decision was made.

God is certainly one who used many names in the Bible. He calls himself Jehovah Yirei, my provider, Jehovah Rophi, my healer, Jehovah Nissi, My banner, Jehovah Shlomi, my peace, Jehovah Roi, my shepherd, and Jehovah Tsidkeini, my righteousness. But he is still God, isn’t he? The name he uses and I admit I don’t really understand is I Am what I Am but he has the right to use it and he certainly is what he is, the great God.

What’s in a name anyway? Our parents were proud when we were born and they gave us a name they loved. That person had the same talents, intelligence and physical appearance all throughout his or her life no matter what name is used.


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