Be Sure To Water Your Pot!

The other day I went out on my deck and saw that my flower pots looked sad. The flowers were bent over and the greenery looked sick. I figured it was late in the season and I might just as well throw them out. I don’t know why but I decided to give them some water. The next day I went out on the deck again and I was surprised to see the green leaves were really green and the flowers were standing up. It seemed as if they were smiling. Isn’t it strange what a little water can do?

I believe we need to water our pots too. Have you noticed that it is much easier to miss the second worship service? It can easily turn into four or five before we realize it. It will feel nice to sleep a little longer or get something done that we have been putting off. When that happens we must water our pots by getting off the couch and heading off to church. We will find that we feel refreshed and will go the next time too.

We Americans need to water our pots at home too. Often, husbands and wives don’t even talk much together anymore. Too often they both come home from work too tired to do anything but lay down on the couch and put the television on. Then they send off for fast food somewhere. Boy! Do they need watering. It has rubbed off on the kids too.
They come home from school and head for their rooms where they flop on their beds and play Video games. But it only takes a little watering by one member of the family to get things going. She begins by meeting her husband at the door and asking him what kind of a day he had. She might also give him some kind of complement. She has dinner on the stove and the whole family joins her at the table. The family might be surprised but they will be happy and it would be easy to do that again tomorrow.

It would even be a great idea if the whole family plays a game or two after dinner. These kids have been hurt the worst by a lack of watering. Their little faces are downcast and their greenery sure looks sick. Any amount of watering will change these kids of yours!

I was thinking about another way to water yourself. Have you been neglecting reading some of God’s love letter to you lately? If you have, it might be a good thing to get out the watering can and your Bible. Read a Psalm or two or a chapter in the Gospel of John and you will feel the water refreshing you

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