Are You Grateful?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. I know school was out and no one brought your mail, but did you give thought to our veterans? Did you think of the many thousands who died on the battlefield, giving their lives for our freedom? Did you think of those thousands who came home armless, legless or just plain tired and not able to live like normal people again? Or did you consider you had a holiday, a day to shop or get something done at home? I thought about my husband, now gone home to Jesus, But he was a veteran of World War II and the Korean war too. I thought about the Thanksgiving dinner he had in a foxhole. A plane flew by and dropped big bags of Spam sandwiches. The men were so thankful for them! How little it took for those men to be thankful!

Of course we should be thankful for our veterans but we should also remember those who are fighting today for our fleeting freedoms, and for their families who are waiting somewhat impatiently for them to come home. And we should be thankful to God and his great gifts to us. I have decided to use these three weeks before Thanksgiving Day in my blogs as ways to be thankful.

I was listening to Luis Armstrong singing, What A Wonderful World, the other day only I changed the title to What a wonderful God. It works! The thoughts in the song goes like this: The leaves of green, the skies of blue and  red roses all make a wonderful world. Friends meeting on sidewalks, shaking hands, but really saying, I love you, makes a wonderful world too, doesn’t it? And babies born and growing up knowing much more than we’ll ever know, that makes a wonderful world too. The song is great but these things were all made by God and there is so much more. There is  the mountains, the plains, the oceans, the rivers, the sunrises and the sunsets. all given to us by God. Shouldn’t we be thankful for these things?

Let’s wake up each day thanking God that we have another day even if it’s raining. The rain is a gift from God too, you know. And as you go through your day, you will find so many things to thank him for. Before you climb into bed at night, don’t forget to thank him again that you have a bed to climb into. Oh and don’t forget to thank him that you can help someone who has no bed to comb into.


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