Be Thankful For All Good Things

The other day I was talking to the bus driver who said, “It seems like it has rained ever since I was
born.” Of course she was joking but it tells how we forget the good things when we are going through things that aren’t so good.

I said, “Do you remember what a beautiful October we had? It was sunshine every day and when the leaves were falling, they crunched beneath our feet. And the colors of those leaves! Oh they were so beautiful! We should be thankful for our eyes so we could see that grandeur.”

“Yes, it was beautiful,” was all she said but I could tell from her expression that she was remembering last October.

I thought about that this morning as I turned on the faucet and water gushed out. I didn’t have to wait, water just came into my hands. I didn’t say, “Thank you, God!” or anything. But I remember how hard it was to get water back when I was growing up. We had a stoneware jug sitting by our kitchen door and it became my brother’s and my job to keep the water jug filled. Now the town pump was down the road a bit and across a meadow so it wasn’t just outside! Not only that but we had to carry hot water in winter to prime the  pump before we got any water to run after we pumped a while. The pail filled with water wasn’t easy to carry home either.

I guess I am thankful that now we have faucets to turn on but I don’t think about how thankful to God I am. I usually just expect the water to be there. And that’s not the only modern convenience we should be thankful for. How about our ways to travel these days. I imagine walking was probably good for us  but I remember how cold it was to walk all the way to school every day! My dad often had to walk ahead of us making a pathway through the snow for us. Now, we have cars, trains, buses and airplanes at our feet so we don’t  have to walk unless we want to.

We have so much to be thankful for. Let’s not think about the bad things going on in our country just now. Instead, thank God for all he has provided, our homes, our families, heat to keep us warm and food enough to fill our tummies. If we dwell on the good things, the bad days won’t seem so bad after all

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