Who Says?…………

America is going down the tube? Not me! My granddaughter and a group of her friends just returned from a Mission trip to an Indian reservation in Eastern Washington. I know they slept and ate at homes of the people who lived there but I am anxious to hear what they did during their stay. I will see her on Thanksgiving day and her story will be the topic of our dinner. She is just 13 years old and her friends are all about the same age. Anyhow, with kids like these in charge of a future America,we will win!

I heard about a young girl who couldn’t get to sleep one night. She tossed and turned. Finally she grabbed a blanket from her bed and ran to her mom saying she had to take the blanket to someone who was sleeping on the sidewalk. Her mom tried to comfort her daughter, telling her to go back to bed now and tomorrow they would take some blankets to a homeless shelter. The girl would not give up until she had given her blanket to someone. The mom and her daughter got dressed in warm clothing and went out to the car. She drove until the girl told her mom to stop.The girl ran up to an elderly woman trying to sleep, her back up against a brick building. She handed the woman her blanket with tears in her eyes. “I want you to be warm,” was all the girl said. The woman said, “Thank you so much,” was all the woman answered.

It’s just a short story, but to that girl it meant a lot. She had given what she had, a blanket from her bed. She will grow up giving much more. ”’We don’t have anything to worry about with young people like that, do we? And I am telling you only about a few young people. I’ll bet you know about some youngsters who put their time into good things. We hear about those young boys and girls who are bullies and those who play a game knocking folks down on the sidewalks of America, killing some of them. Why don’t we hear more about the young people who do good things?

When we sit down at our tables, overflowing with good food, this Thanksgiving Day, let us remember those great young people in our midst. Be thankful that they will grow up and change American to be what we really want it to be. Oh, we should do what we can too, but we have not done such a good job in the past, have we?


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