No, Is A Pretty Good Word

I was reading the upcoming events in our church bulletin the other day and several items caught my eye.  Here are the events I can go to: An angel tree party, Christmas caroling, A Ladies lunch party, a family Christmas potluck and our regular Bible study, services and prayer meetings. That pretty much covets it. Then. for me, there is a three hour practice every Monday and a concert in a retirement center or nursing home every Thursday. I also have two grandchildren who have concerts in school. Of course Grandma will go to these. And I also have married children and grown grandchildren which I want to spend some time with.

What do i do about this? I must learn to say NO to some of those things. But how do I prioritize? These things are all important aren’t they? Besides, I do want to see the Christmas boats as they parade up and down the Columbia River. Of course there is the shopping, baking and wrapping gifts on my list as well.Oh dear, I’m sure Jesus doesn’t want all of us to be stressed out on his birthday.

In fact, Jesus just decided when he had enough and headed to a place in the mountains to pray to his Father. And he did that a lot too. Just read one of the Gospels in your Bible and you will find out. He knew when to say no even when he knew that many people wanted and even needed them.

I am sure your schedule is somewhat the same as mine.  Just think about whose birthday you are about to celebrate and decide to spend a stress free holiday season this year. Go to the things that really matter to you so you can save time for Jesus on his birthday. This is my Christmas wish for all of you. I only hope I can say NO to some of those things I mentioned. Today I have a Doctor’s appointment.  Isn’t it surprising that some daily things still have to be done?

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