Christmas In A Foxhole

It was Christmas eve during World War II. Some of our Soldiers were huddled together in a foxhole deep each in his own thoughts. They were thinking of moms and dads celebrating Christmas just the way they had when they were little boys. Snow covered the ground where they sat and the moon cast shadows making the snow glisten like it did at home.

Suddenly the silence was broken as one of the men began to hum Silent Night. Soon all the men were singing together: Silent Night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright round yon virgin mother and child. Holy Infant so tender and mild. Sleep in Heavenly peace, sleep in Heavenly peace.

As they were ending the first verse, they were surprised to hear what soured like an echo to their singing. But the echo sang the first verse in German: Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht. The German soldiers were singing that Christmas Carol from their own foxhole across the way! They ended the last verse of the song together, the Americans singing in English and the Germans singing in German. Silent Night, Holy Night, Son of God, love’s pure light. Radiant beams from Thy Holy face with the dews of redeeming grace. Jesus Lord at thy birth, Jesus Lord at they birth.

We would have a far different world if we all could gather around the Holy Baby’s manger bed and sing together Silent Night wouldn’t we? Doesn’t it make you wish you were there listening to those American and German Soldiers locked in war, yet singing Silent Night as one? The snowy fields and the same moon were shining on both of them.

I wish all of you the peace of Christmas and a very rewarding 2014. We don’t know what the new Year will be like but if we have the peace of God on our hearts we’ll be okay no matter what happens in 2014.


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