Is Christmas Over?

Well, Christmas is over and it’s time to put the Christmas stuff away, but is it over? The baby Jesus is only a week old and folks are saying “Oh how cute!” and  “He looks a lot like you, don’t you think?” talking like the baby is brand new. Oh no, Christmas isn’t over at all.  Not until Good Friday and Easter I’d say. He came only to die. And he had to do that in order to save you from your sins, mine too and the sins of the whole world!

How innocent it all looked, a sleeping little baby in a manger, a mother who looked adoringly at the little one, a man who married the mother even though he would hear how dumb he was. Some poor shepherds came to see the baby that night and a star shone that was different from the rest of the stars. Yes, it all looks kind of normal but we have worshipped that little one for 2000 years! Why? And why is the world trying so hard to take Christmas out of the holiday season? They seem to be afraid of the little one, wouldn’t you say?

That little Boy is God. He came as a little baby because he wanted to give himself to all of us. The Shepherds came because he wanted to show he came to the poor, and the wise men came to show he came also to the rich. If he had come as a king he wouldn’t be accepted nearly like a little baby born in a manger, would he?

No, he came and humbled himself so that everyone would love him. But do they? The world thinks Christmas is a day to have a party, to drink a lot, and give gifts to those we want to. Most of them do not give a thought to that little baby. But he grows up to do many fine things and he is arrested, flogged and finally hung on a tree just like a criminal, even though he had committed no sin. Why?  So that all of our sins, even those of a bad criminal, can be forgiven. And he meant all of our sins. Just before he died he said, “It is finished.” He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and later went to heaven to sit with his Father.

How wonderful it is. Yet how hard it is for the world to see. We, who believe should get off our couches and help those who can’t see the wonders of Christmas know him too. That should be our New Year goal.

I wish all of you a happy new year. Go and get them!


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