Be Prepared for Anything

It seems to me that a big hand came down and stopped the cold air from getting into Washington and Oregon. Probably there are a few other states involved, some of them quite warm, but everyone east of these are blanketed with ice and snow and they are very, very cold.

I happen to live in Washington and I still hear complaints around here like, “When will it ever warm up?” or “Where’s the sun?” Instead we should thank God that our temperatures hover around 40 degrees and the liquid that comes down out of the skies is rain rather then snow and ice. We should be praying too for the millions of folks,just like us are suffering because of loss of heat, Many don’t have power and don’t expect any for some time. Millions of people can’t get around to get any groceries either. We don’t even know what 30 below feels like. I do, because I grew up in Northern Minnesota, but we were prepared for such weather,

I  imagine some of the folks experiencing the cold and snow are prepared with oil lamps, wood heat and plenty of quilts and are quite comfortable even to canned food and water. But most of them find out they have nothing. They have no groceries except what they were intending to eat that evening. They have no oil lamps, only a few scented candles They are used to using less blankets preferring to keep their temperature reset to a warmer degree. So they don’t even have the quilts to keep them warm.

I suppose many of us would say, “It serves them right!” But are you prepared? Do you have food and water put aside? Do you have oil lamps or a generator so that you can see at night? Do you have several  quilts that your family can put around themselves? Or, like me, do you have a wood stove and plenty of wood so you can cook or heat your home? I know how easy it is to rely too much on modern conveniences, but it is true that these things can disappear.

Why not settle your family down this evening and decide how best you can be prepared in cases like an earthquake, an  ice storm, or even one of those high wind storms we have sometimes? You will never be sorry even if nothing happens. You will know you are prepared just in case!


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