What’s This? the kids are out of school?

Why of course they are. It’s Martin Luther King Day!  I wonder how many of these kids were thinking about all Dr. King did for civil rights as they played with their bikes or basketballs enjoying their “day off” from school. For that matter, I wonder if their parents were thinking of him as they went into the stores to see if there were any Dr. King sales.

That’s one of our problems these days isn’t it? We are happy we have those holiday days but we don’t really pay any attention to the person we are supposed to remember. Two days come to mind, only we have put them together into one and that is President’s Day in February. I remember when there were two days, The first one was on February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and the second was on February 22, George Washington’s birthday. We really celebrated those two days by reading things they had written and talking about what they had done. The reading and talking went down when we lumped those two days together. One day was considered a holiday and school was out on alternate days. One year, we celebrate on February 12th and the next year we celebrated on February 22. That didn’t work either so the powers that be changed it to President’s Day where I suppose we are to honor all of our presidents.

I say all of that because I don’t think we honor the person whose day we celebrate. For instance, hasn’t Thanksgiving been honoring football or turkey instead of thanking God who gives us everything? And, haven’t we given our Christmases up to sales, gifts and Santa instead of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, whose name, Christ’s Mass, we celebrate that day?

I think we should get back to celebrating the person’s life on his or her Day. We could read some of their own words and think about how they lived their lives. I believe that would hasten a greater freedom in America, a freedom we seem to be giving up a little at a time. Reading some of the things each of these people have done will cause us to love what freedoms we have. Maybe we’ll open our eyes and see we must keep the freedoms we have and even take some back that have disappeared. Let’s do that!


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