Something To Think About

Well, the Super Bowl is over for another year and a lot of money has gone down the drain. I’m from Washington so I watched diligently those Seahawks that day and I sure was not disappointed! They came to play, didn’t they? I watched Russell Wilson too because I am a fan from Wisconsin and he played there while going to college. My husband attended the University of Wisconsin. Our city, Vancouver, will have a parade of the Seahawks on Wednesday. I hope to attend that.

All that last paragraph tells you that I was happy and excited about the game. As I watched the people in the stands and even the people in the house where we were having our Super Bowl party I felt sad. Why was everyone yelling, clapping their hands and waving their hands in the air? They were nearly worshipping the Seahawk players! I heard fireworks go off all around me when the game was finished. Yet, when we sit in church, we sing like the words don’t mean a thing to us and we sit on our hands so we don’t clap or raise them. I’m talking about most of the churches as some of them get more involved in showing their love for God.

 Wouldn’t it be great if all Christians sang as if each word meant something to them or if they would really let go and clap their hands raising them in their excitement about what God has done for us through his son, Jesus? I’ve seen many concerts on TV where the fans are yelling and raising theiur hands at whatever their idol is singing.

Perhaps we should sit quietly and really study the ten commandments given us by God. He told us we are to have no other Gods before him. Don’t we idolize the Seahawks, Trailblazers or any other team we like? Don’t we idolize the singers or even the movie actors we enjoy? Do we give God equal time and enthusiasm when we go to church? I will give that some thought because I am guilty too. /what about you? Maybe you and I can change the world. Wouldn’t that be great?


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