I Remember The Great Depression

We had a big snowstorm with wind last weekend and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of living in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. It has been years since we have had that much winter! The snow lasted for four days. This area of Washington just doesn’t have snow, just rain, rain and more rain! I grew up in Northern Minnesota and saw plenty of the white fluffy stuff! When I watched as neighbor kids ran outdoors with their sliding gear I felt sorry for them. They have so little time to enjoy snow. I wanted to join them, but I guess an eighty year old woman sliding down a hill would look kind of silly wouldn’t it? And, let’s not talk about the broken bones I would experience!

Yes, i saw a lot of snow in Minnesota and Wisconsin and I talked about that in my book, He Leadeth Me, A Grandmother’s Story which is out now. It is an e-book and can be purchased at Amazon.com.  My dad was almost a circuit rider in a small town, Holt, in Northern Minnesota. I say almost because he was hired as pastor of three congregations but many could not attend any of these because there were no roads near them. So my dad took his Model T car as far as he could go and then walk to a farm house where neighbors gathered for their worship service. He had two of those “preaching places”.

I wrote about that time in my book. It is still called the great depression and was worse in places like Holt, but I remember it as a great life. People were one big family all going through very little but sharing what we had. It was a time when a doctor was happy to get wood for his stove and a chicken to eat for saving a child’s life. We even had horses drawing our school busses. I liked it when I went out to a farm to spend the night with my girl friend because I went on one of those school busses!

Anyhow, why not buy my book? It would help me get the book out in public especially if you wrote a review after you read it. the book costs only $2.99 at Amazon.


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