She’s Fourteen This Week!

Sarah, my granddaughter,will be fourteen on Thursday and a fine young lady she has become too! She is a good Volleyball player and an excellent student and she has lots of friends. But I remember when it was Grandpa, Sarah and me. You see, because of family problems, Mama had to work. And I am awfully thankful that she trusted Grandpa and me to care for her.

I think often about saving scraps from the table for the chickens. Sarah wasn’t big on eating the crusts of the bread so we put them in a big bag. Grandpa and Sarah would leave every morning to “feed the chickies. (at the blessing of the owner, I might add). I never took their picture but I have one stored in my heart.  Grandpa is lifting Sarah high so she could reach over the fence and call “Here chickie, come chickie” and they would come. two of them were geese, many times bigger than Sarah.

Another thing I remember very well is playing the game of princess. She, of course, was the princess and she dressed in my small lace tablecloth and carried my knitting needle. I was the wicked queen who put our princess to sleep. The only way to wake her up was to bring her a rose and kiss her. Since we were only two people, I suddenly became the handsome prince who just happened to have a plastic rose. I knelt down beside the sleeping beauty and kissed her. And did she ever wake up! My! what antics she had, but she finally was awake and the game was over for another day.

We had a 30 foot motorhome back then, and Sarah loved to pretend to drive it. After she drove it awhile, she would hear a knock on the door. It was grandpa and grandma coming for lunch. She’d sit us down at the table and feed us wonderful pretend food. She loved to pretend the motorhome was really her home.

There are many things I remember about having Sarah, but later, little baby Megan came to stay in the daytimes too. We went to the park playground then and that was fun. But using grandpa’s lawn wagon was the most fun. I would put a blanket inside and the two girls would get in. We pretended we were on a camping trip and I’d pull them all around the park, stopping at various picnic tables, mostly because I needed a break!

But, this week Sarah will be 14! She might not even remember these things we did. I hope she does because after she is a grown woman, she can do those things with her little girl. Anyhow, on Thursday I’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and I’ll add “May God richly bless you” too.


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