hunger for Beauty

I stepped out of my kitchen door the other day and saw a bunch of tiny, white flowers blooming! They seem to be smiling at me and saying, “Look at us. It’s March!’ It is March and soon the trees will be budding out and flowers blooming. It gave my spirit a boost, even though I have enjoyed being inside sitting in my rocking chair beside the glowing wood stove. There is something inside us that loves what God has created, the trees,mountains, streams and oceans. We can be extremely thankful because America is full of these.

We hunger for beauty and we can find it just by opening the windows and letting in the fresh air. But if we open the door and walk along in our own neighborhood we can be filled. Look at the green grass, the trees which already have tiny buds on them. Look at the big evergreen trees that are waving in the breeze and the flowers just about ready to put on their show. At night we can dream by looking at the moon and the millions of stars that are shining just for us! Yes, we have beauty all around us.

I find that people aren’t looking for beauty at all. They drive their cars as fast as they can and don’t notice the beauty around them. They seem to be so interested in texting on their devices, they wouldn’t see a rose if it were blooming right in front of them. In fact, they seem to be so involved with their devices they don’t even have any feeling for the people near them.nI watched one day as four young men were sitting on a couch texting each other. I guess that seemed better then talking to one another.

So, what is the answer? That’s simple, It’s God. If we let him lead us he will open our eyes to see glimpses of truth he has for us. We will still use our devices but sparingly. We’ll be too much involved in the people around us and we definitely will look at creation. We’ll find that we will smile more readily and we will treat our family better and we will be filled with beauty. I am writing on things i know. My life is filled with God leading me, but it also is filled with times when I wasn’t so concerned  with God. You can read about that in my book, “He Leadeth me, a Grandmothers Story.” which you can find at


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