Remember Those Still Looking for Work

I wonder today what has happened to the people who lost their jobs and haven’t found work for over two years! They aren’t eligible for Workers Compensation anymore and many of them are not old enough for retirement. They are probably in some never never land. Some have taken half time jobs earning probably only enough to take them back and forth to work. These are trained engineers, contractors, educational workers or health care workers. What are they doing?

These people cannot afford health insurance of any kind. They can’t afford car insurance either. About the only thing open to them is living on the streets. I am concerned for them, partly because my son is one of these unfortunate folks. He worked as a technical engineer for 20 years before the company decided to downsize. He hunted for work for well over a year and decided to open his own business on the internet as an editor and podcaster. This, of course takes time and now he got caught in Obama care. His health care let him go and he has been unable to find anything he can afford.

He lives with me and is a bachelor so in one way he is lucky, or rather God is caring for him. It is great that he lives with me because there are some things I can’t do any more. I am happy that I can stay in my own home and do the things I can do. He is working at home which enables him to help me much more than if he had a job outside of the home. God has a way to work things out, hasn’t he?

But there are many, some say over 30 million of them who are still looking for meaningful work in their trained field. My son is making strides in his new endeavor and soon he will be a successful entrepreneur. I believe we should put the rest of those 30 million people on our prayer list along with our military folks and our wounded veterans. We have a tendency to forget those who are less fortunate  then ourselves.

I also believe America would not be in such a horrible situation if we had a different president. Obama just wasn’t ready for the difficult job of being President of a great country like America. But we should have respect for the office of the presidency and pray for him and his family. Let’s be thankful we live in a country like America and do what we can to bring back our freedoms which we somehow have lost.


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