25 Nations are Working Together, A Miracle?

Romans 8:28, in our Bibles, says that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. I pray that this holds true for the plane that is gone and no one on earth seems to know where! Although the last part of the verse in Romans may not be true for everyone, it is true for those of us who continue in prayer for the passengers in the plane and for the plane itself.

What has happened to that plane? Not one person seems to know. However, God knows. I hope our prayers will find it. I wanted to dwell on one aspect of this dilemma. There are 25 countries working to find the plane. Isn’t that a miracle? 25 countries all pulling together and bringing whatever technological items they have to help out. Maybe this is how God is working, telling all of us to work together. Our world is no longer as big as it seemed back 65 or so years ago.

When I was a young girl, our own land, America, seemed very big. It took a long time to get to Philadelphia where my grandpa, aunts and uncles lived. Now it takes only a couple of hours! Why. we can have lunch in London and dinner in New York City! I never even dreamed of going to another country. In fact, we rarely left our own little town in Minnesota.

In today’s world, however, our world has shrunk. It’s leaders are fighting to get control. Control of what? we ask. Is it the whole world? The Bible tells us we will one day have a world dictator, an antichrist, but that isn’t what our leaders want, is it? But then one day a plane can’t be found and 25 nations decide to get together and find it. I like the idea. We can work together when we really want to, can’t we?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our world leaders worked together in peace, each country working for their own citizens and for their own country? Until then let’s continue in prayer for the passengers and the plane because this is important. But let’s pray also that the countries of the world will see that working together is really what we need today when our world has grown so much smaller. Our prayers can make these things happen.

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