Keeping Some of the Old Ways Alive

My clothes dryer played out a couple of weeks ago. I’m still trying to decide whether to get a new one or have the old dryer fixed. It costs $100 just to have a guy show up at the house and knowing that probably puts buying a new one in front of my decision making.

However, that’s not what my blog is about. There’s just something good about hanging clothes outside on a clothesline. Oh I know there is more ironing. The sun just doesn’t make them wrinkle free like a dryer does! But the fresh air. the birds singing and the flowering trees make up for that. I just enjoy going out the door with a basket of wet clothes ready to hang out and If that sounds strange, remember that I started out long ago.

It’s just like my wood stove. I enjoy putting the paper and kindling in the stove and lighting that with a match. As soon as the kindling starts burning, I let all my problems go away and I relax and enjoy my fire. I don’t know but I think of a burning campfire and the past years when we used a wood fire for our only source of heat in the old days.

Time just seems to be going too fast these days. I watch as teenagers walk in the park. They are texting or playing games. not even talking or seeing the flowering trees, the green grass or the blue sky above them. Oh, what they are missing! But the computers, tablets and cell phones are taking the place of the things of nature. I monitor the change of life in my book, He Leadeth me, a Grandmother’s Story. I hope you have read it, You will find it at Amazons book department and can read it on any of your phones or tablets. Yes, we have gone a long way during my lifetime.

But I still see children playing outdoors with their bikes and wagons. and they still  sell lemonade from their lawns. I bought some the other day. The price has gone up. I paid 50 cents and when I was the seller it was only a penny or two!  So perhaps children are the same as they were when I was a youngster. At any rate, I feel sorry for the kids who depend entirely on their cell phones or tablets! Don’t you?


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