Heaven is For Real

There is a movie being shown in some theaters that you should see. It’s called “Heaven is for Real.” I will see it soon, but I have read the book so I know a little about it. It’s about a little boy around six years old. I can’t remember just why he was in the hospital, whether he was sick or in an accident, but he was in a coma for several days. He came out of the coma, was healed and taken home. In a few days, he was running around just like any of his friends. That is, he was normal in every way but his speech!

He kept telling about a place he was in and he called heaven. His parents were amazed at some of the things he said because they had never mentioned any of them. I recall one thing he told about because I had two babies who died, one lived a few minutes but the other was born dead. Both were full term babies. Anyhow the little boy told his mother that he met his two sisters in heaven. The mother had never told him of the two miscarriages she had before the little boy was born! When I read that I was comforted somehow. He also told many other things like visiting with his grandfather who had recently died.

I do think you should see that movie. If you don’t believe there is life after death or if you do believe, as I do, it is good. It can make you think in any case. I want to take as many folks with me to heaven as I can. That is one movie you will enjoy and you will start thinking about what is going to happen after you die and maybe decide you too want Jesus to live in your heart forever.

There are many stories about people who have visited heaven but all of them can be believed or not as they were all told by adults you don’t know. But this little boy told of things he had seen in heaven and he had never been told of them or seen anything he described.

I wrote of a strange thing that happened sort of like that in my book. A boy about 12 suffered a burst appendix. His parents and my dad were in the hospital  room. The boy was quiet for several hours and then he sat up and smiled at someone. He asked my dad, who was a pastor, if he saw them too. My dad said, “No, I can’t see anyone.” The boy said there were several angels around him and they were singing. Then he asked his parents if they saw anyone. They hadn’t either. But he had seen angels who were taking him home. He died that night.

Yes, there is life after death and we will go live with Jesus in heaven or we will go to a place the Bible calls hell. My hope is that I will meet all of you in heaven. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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