Let’s Do Our Part and Make America Great Again

What do you think about people being persecuted because they refuse to sell items that cause abortions or sell wedding cakes for people who are having a same sex wedding? There seems to be quite a few of these in America recently. In fact, there is one of these before the Supreme Court right now! Hobby Lobby craft stores is refusing to sell a pill that will cause an abortion even though they will sell four types of birth control pills. They are doing this because they are Christian people who don’t believe in Abortion. Those who brought Hobby Lobby to the Supreme Court think they should be able to buy this pill at their stores.

I believe that those who try to buy these items know about their Christian beliefs and are doing it to cause persecution of Christians. They could easily go to a place which will accommodate them! Do people entering business have the right to refuse to sell things because of their religious faith. That is the question, or is it?

We, who belong to Christian churches, have decided not to get involved. Do we believe what God has said in his book, the Bible?  He does not condone murdering anybody, and that includes babies especially those who are already born! He has said homosexuality is a sin.  So if it’s already a sin certainly a same sex wedding is a sin.We should ask God to forgive us for letting our country get this bad! We have sat down with our hands sitting idly in our laps condemning those who are doing wrong. Why, we even call those who are trying to change things “meddlers”.

I am not just saying this to you who might be reading my blog this week. I am saying it to myself too. I have not been nearly as involved as I could be. I give a little money to those who are working hard but I don’t really help. Let’s get involved, shall we? First, we need to pray for our country and then we need to ask God what we should do. Without his help, the things we do will not work out the way we planned. And when he tells us what to do, do it!

Remember, there were only 12 men involved in starting the Christian church. We, who need to stand up and be counted, are many more than that. Let’s do our part shall we?


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