It’s Almost May!

TAG Nature

May is sort of a mystery month. We can hardly believe how green the grass is. It wasn’t this green last year, was it? And now those dead looking trees actually have tiny leaves and some have blossoms! The lilacs are blooming too. Where did those lovely blooms come from? The bush looked dead yesterday! Azaleas and rhododendrons will soon take center stage too.

May really should be the first month of the year because everything seems brand new in May. I don’t know why but I feel more lonely in May than in other months. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in May and I look back on 80+ years of memories. It isn’t because my husbands died in May. One died in November and the other in June. Maybe it isn’t loneliness at all but there a sudden sense of emptiness. The only cure is to get very busy with something and in May there is much to do. The lawn needs continual mowing and the annuals need planting. The house inside needs some going over too. It’s beginning to look a little shabby.

I’ve noticed that my cat, Guiness (He was a rescue cat and someone had named him years before) seems lonely too. All winter he thought he was a bear and he hibernated warm and snug in his special place. However, now he seems to need me. he wants to be close, on my lap or on the back of my recliner when I am busy with something.

That cat is remarkable. I bought a collar for him but he didn’t like it. It was put on him to stay unless I took it off. But Gueness got it off! Once he used a spoon he found that had fallen to the floor as his tool. In the morning I found the collar wrapped up in the spoon on the floor. I couldn’t figure it out, but he used a pencil the same way another time! I wish I could see him do it but he takes off his collar late at night.

I heard about another cat who had five kittens. Whenever that mother went hunting, she’s bring five dead mice into the house and lay them beside each of her five children. Isn’t that amazing?

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s almost May. Get out and enjoy the  month won’t you? Let’s enjoy because it’s soon May and everything is new again. We need to rejoice and thank God for this wonderful month.


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