Times Have Changed

When I wrote and published my book at Amazon, I hoped that older folks like me would want to read it. It has much in it that would interest them and bring some remembrance of their own and perhaps help them realize God has led them too. But I was wrong! I have discovered that most older folks  have not entered the high technology age. Some have their computers but only use them to keep up with their families in E-mail. Many don’t have computers at all and very few of them have Kindles or any of the tablets.

Why do you think that is the case? These people remember not having lights in their homes or music they couldn’t listen to while walking, but they could join in singing around a piano. Nearly everyone had a piano in their homes. For instance, I remember listening to my dad playing the piano. Sometimes we would sing along. He was a pastor and would often bring his whole congregation into a sing-along time. We would sing the old hymns like “Sweet Hour of Prayer” or “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” but we’d sing the songs of the day like “Shine on Harvest Moon” or “I’ll be Loving You, Always” too.

We read books too, good books such as “Anne of Green Gables” or “Moby Dick”, books that are still read today. When I ask older folks why they haven’t paid attention to the high tech stuff they say, “I like things to stay the same. Computers and things like that are too much for me. I guess that part is true. I find that much about the gizmos we have today is difficult to understand and probably it is best to leave them alone.

But we have entered a new age. Our children will grow up not even knowing we cooked with a wood stove and bathed in wash tubs. They won’t know that we went to school in busses pulled by horses either! Why, they won’t even remember the old washing machines or hanging their clothes on a clothesline outdoors! But they will know the ins and outs of a computer and how nice it is to wonder around on a tablet. And they will be able to get along in this high tech world. It’s true that we are entering a new age. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but I guess it was the same back in the old days.

God is in control of all things. He knew we would someday be able to talk to anyone with a little box! He knew we would bring the whole world into our living rooms and even chat with people we don’t even know! The best way I believe is to follow him. He’s got something new in the wings, you can bet your life on that!


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