Together, We Can Change America!

Our country is a mess! Our economy is bad, we need more jobs, our kids are not allowed to use the name of Jesus in school. They aren’t even taught history like we used to do. We don’t have Christmas or Easter vacations any more, just winter vacations and Spring breaks. We have murdered millions of babies and people just don’t care about what God says in his book anymore.

There is more but who is at fault? I think it is me and millions of folk just like me. We have long ago decided that we are happy and contented with our lives. We buy what we need and much more too. We vote and we go to church when the weather is good. We forget to pray but we accept God’s gifts just the same. We send our kids to school but we don’t pay any attention to what they are learning. We don’t even pay attention when the pastor says the Bible is wrong.

Some of this doesn’t fit me and some of it doesn’t fit you, but put them all together and somewhere or other we can put our name on one or two of these things. The question is, what do we do about them? The first thing is to remember that God is in control. What has he done in the past?  If we study in our Bibles we know he will destroy America if we don’t wake up. He has destroyed the children of Israel over and over again but he has saved them too if two or more prayed. What does that tell us? We need to pray!

Christianity started with only eleven men! These men, for the most part, were fishermen without much education but they followed Jesus. They walked all over the country and even decided that Gentiles, like us, were welcome too. Where are we now? In America we consist of the largest portion of people yet we too, have fallen into living our lives like there is no God. However, are there eleven people here  willing to stand for what is right and say “No” to what is wrong? I am sure there are thousands more than eleven!

Let us begin by following God. Admit we have been wrong and then turn to him in prayer asking him not to punish us like he has so often done to the children of Israel. Prayer is a powerful gift we have received and we should use it much more than we have. Then we should  talk to our families and friends telling them to also pray for our country.

We can change our country if only we turn our hearts and lives toward God. He is in control, much more than our Congress and President are, let’s not forget that!


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