A Simple Whistle Did The Work!

I decided to write an episode from my book, He Leadeth me, a Grandmother’s Story. You can find the book at Amazon.com.

I was just starting in my new career after my husband’s sudden death. It wouldn’t be easy. I had three children to care for, Jimmy, JoAnne and Ronnie. And Ronnie was only four years old, so I had my hands full!

My new career was as a parish worker in a Vancouver, Washington church. The work consisted of visitation, teaching, youth work and I directed three choirs. The work was proceeding nicely and the children and I were learning to be a family without daddy. However I noticed a hoarseness in my voice that was getting worse every day. “How could I get along without my voice in this work?”I asked myself.

I finally went to the doctor who told me I needed an operation to remove a polyp which is a growth in the lining of my throat. “Will I be okay after the surgery?” I asked, knowing my job description needed my voice. I was also thinking of my three kids at home.

“You will be okay but you must not talk for one month after your surgery,” was his reply.

How on earth will I manage that? I thought on my way home. I prayed that God would make all things work out, and he did! The first thing I did was purchase a loud whistle and I told the kids they would have to answer like puppy dogs. If I blew the whistle once, Ronnie was to come running. JoAnne would answer to two whistles and Jimmy would come after three blasts. That took care of living at home but how would I manage at work?

I printed up messages to take to people and for that month alone I visited only members of our congregation. I worked my whistle during choir practices too. I had choir mothers for the Children’s choir that took care of any discipline problems that may occur and I blew my whistle whenever we had to start an anthem over or take a certain part alone. It all worked out!

I was one happy camper the day the doctor told me I could talk again. I could too! And I could sing too! And God was with me each step of the way. Sure, I had to be a no quitter , but that is something we all have to be, no matter what happens in our lives.


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