Why Don’t We Hear The Good News?

The other day my son took me on a ride through the Columbian Gorge. How green everything looked! God certainly must love that shade of green because the grasses, trees and bushes all carried the same shade. The Columbia River appeared the same shade of blue as the sky. It was a beautiful day.

My knee gives me a lot of trouble. There is a barricade making a safe walkway for people who wanted to take pictures of the view below us. We were high above the river and the view of trees and farmland   was one that folks wanted to take home with them. I wanted to go too, but I got stuck! I couldn’t get my bad leg over the barricade so there I stood with my good leg on one side and my bad leg on the other! I couldn’t go either way and my son (who told me to stay away from crossing the barricade) was taking pictures far away from me. From no where came a hand. “Here, let me help you,” said the voice behind the hand. She did and soon I was on the safe walkway!

After I had taken all the pictures I wanted of the view, I looked and saw my son was quite a distance from me. I thought if I just did something a bit different I could get back across the barricade so I tried. A man stood nearby watching me. He said, “You can make it! Come on, just a few more inches.” I listened and got myself over the barricade. I don’t think I would have made it without the cheerleader!

Our televisions, newspapers and internet give us pictures nearly every day of shootings, stabbings or car accidents where people are in real trouble and other people just stand there and don’t lift their finger to help them. I believe America is full of folks who do help even if it takes them money or physical cost to do so. Contrary to what our televisions, Newspapers or internet tells us, American people are good. Why don’t we hear more about the good things people do? I believe if we heard the good things that are happening in America, we wouldn’t be so despondent about what America has become. What do you think?


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