Be Happy With What God Made You To Be

TAG Spiritual

There is a lot wrong with our world today. We see wrong things every time we turn on the television sets or go to the internet on our computers. There are murders, rapes, incest, robbery and dishonest people all around us. And we think there is something wrong with ourselves too. On TV we see the gorgeous young girls, size 0 and we think, “If only I looked like that!” or we see a guy looking so good and talking so easy and we think, “If only I had his personality!” We just aren’t satisfied with ourselves.

God made us just the way we are and God doesn’t make mistakes. There is a place for everyone, those who are born handicapped in mind or body, or you too. But he wants you to use whatever you have, be it personality, athletic or musical ability, business know how or being the best mom, dad or child you can be. Look around you. If you live near the west coast, you see mountains, rivers and seasides but if you travel east you’ll see grazing land, just made for grazing cattle. If you continue going east you will see miles and miles of corn or wheat growing food for the world. And if you go further east you will find the smaller farms tucked in those beautiful hills raising the cows that would give us our milk and cheese. Further on you will find another ocean and big cities where a lot of good business is carried on. God doesn’t make any mistakes. And he hasn’t made one making you either.

If our whole country were just one of those things, we wouldn’t have much of a country, would we? No, and if we all looked like movie stars or had the TV personality of the guy who talks so easily it wouldn’t be a good thing either. God made us the way we are and we should be happy about it.

Let me tell you a story about a man who dreamed about owning a mechanic shop. He had a job at a retail store but kept dreaming about his own mechanic shop. One day he was offered a job in a mechanic shop which he could own in just a couple of years. He turned it down saying, “It is just too risky. I need to support my wife and kids.” God gave him that dream and he gave him  the chance to own it.

God gives each of us our dreams too. It is up to us to follow them. This man had an opportunity to follow his dream and if given the chance, we should follow ours too. You were given talents, whether they include good looks, wonderful personality, athletic or musical or any other talents. You shouldn’t spend time worrying about your looks and more time following your dreams. If you work at developing your talents, keeping your dream always near your heart, It will happen.

I am in my 80’s and have always had the dream of becoming an author. I sold some stories to magazines and worked at a small newspaper company and even had my own column in that newspaper, but I can finally call myself an author. I have published my own book. Now, if I had followed my dream much earlier, who knows what I could have accomplished. I think I spent too much of my time thinking I wasn’t the type of person who could do anything really well. You have a dream too. God gave you that dream. Quit thinking you are not good enough!  Just follow your dream.

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