Do We Follow Today’s News, Or Do We Follow Our Own Hearts?

It’s easy to follow today’s news. It tells us what has happened during the last few hours and completely forgets the important things that we should be thinking and praying about. One of these is the missing airplane with over 200 people inside somewhere. Where is that plane? What has happened to those people? Don’t we know there are family members waiting to find that out? This happened over four months ago. Have you prayed for knowledge of this plane?

What abut that Christian pastor who has been in jail because he believes? Have you prayed for him and his family? Or what about that Marine who is jailed in Mexico? He has been there over 70 days now. His family is worried about him, but does it make any difference to you? There is a lady who refuses to give up her Christian beliefs and was threatened with death. I heard she is getting released soon. Possibly some folks prayed.

Those 300 girls who were taken hostage by terrorists haven’t been freed yet. Can you imagine what those parents are going through? And can you imagine what those girls are going through? Imagine how you would feel if your daughter was taken. I haven’t looked it up but I believe it was almost a year ago when they were taken. I understand there were some American girls in that group, but that shouldn’t matter, the girls all belong to someone. For a few days there were movie stars and other important people carrying signs that said, “Bring our girls home,” but lately nothing is said. Don’t those girls deserve a prayer?

There are Christians all over the world who are being tortured , beheaded or crucified. Are we praying for them? I am not talking only to you, but to myself too. It’s so easy to be wrapped up in the news of today and there are so many things to pray for. I guess we have to pray without ceasing as Jesus told us. Let’s remember that, yes, our family and what is going on in our own homes is important but people, even in foreign lands have serious trouble these days and we should not forget them.

We don’t know what is in store for us Americans, but we have to pray more and more, not only for the problems that happened months ago, but for our country too. We have to pray for ourselves too, that God will guide us into all truths and that we have caring thoughts for people less fortunate than ourselves.


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