My Pond

I am building a pond in my back yard. You might be thinking, “Why in the world is she building a pond, she’s in her 80s! After hauling rocks up a hill I’m beginning to wonder that myself. but let me tell you a story:

My husband and I worked long and hard at building a pond with a deck around it down a hill and in the forest at the lower portion of our property. It was completely secluded and became the place where we could talk things over. It was nice, bringing our coffee down there. We would not talk for a while, just sat listening to our hand made waterfall as the water tripped over the stones and the birds singing in the forest. Then we would talk over the things we needed to do and the things we were thinking about. I have many happy memories of those days. He died in 2008 and the pond area became precious to me almost like an altar.

I loved to go down there and sit in my lawn swing and pretend I was talking to my husband. I talked to God too and I sang both hymns and popular in the 40’s songs. One time I said out loud, “Boy I wish my sister could come and harmonize with me. I began singing “Love’s Old Sweet Song” and a voice behind me sang the harmony! I can’t tell you who was singing because there is no way a person could come up behind me but I can tell you someone was singing with me! My sister died over 44 years ago, but the voice sounded like hers! I finished the song with tear in my eyes.

Perhaps I was praying when I wished for my sister to come and harmonize with me and an angel came.  At least that is what I think. Anyhow the planks on the deck have rotted. My son went through one of them and hurt his back. It is difficult for me to walk down the hill too and the kids don’t want me to walk down there alone. That is just what I want to do. Anyhow, the days I spent down at the pond area are over.

That’s why I am building a pond close to our house. I hope to have some of the same feelings there. Aren’t we funny sometimes though? We try to bring back some things that we can never bring back. We should always enjoy what we have today and plan ahead what we want to do. I am doing that too. I will leave next week to go to Rio Rancho, New Mexico to see my first Great Grandchild and to visit with my son, Jim, and his family. So, there will be no blog next week. I hope to have the pond finished before I go.



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